Form Status
The table represents the approval status of all forms supported in TaxWise. Please review the release notes for each module to determine if a form has been released.
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Approved:This form is approved for paper filing.
Approval Pending:This form is pending approval from the tax agency.
Final Pending:The tax agency has released a draft version of the form. The final version of the form is still pending from the agency.
Not Available:The tax agency has not released the form for development. Either a final or draft version of the form is pending from the agency.

Form NameDescriptionStatusPackages
1023Application for Exemption Under 501(c)(3)ApprovedMisc
1040Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
1040-ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsApprovedInd
1040-PRPlanilla para Declaracion ContribucionApprovedInd
1040-SSSelf-Employment Tax (Samoa, etc.)ApprovedInd
1040-VPayment VoucherApprovedInd
1040AIndividual Income Tax Return - Short FormApprovedInd
1040EZIncome Tax Return for Single and Joint FilersApprovedInd
1040NRNonresident Alien Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
1040NR-EZNonresident Alien Income Tax Return - Easy formApprovedInd
1040XAmended U.S. Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
1041Income Tax Return for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
1041-AReturn of Trust Accumulation of Charitable AmountsApprovedFid
1041-ESEstimated Income Tax for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
1041-TAllocation of Estimated Tax to BeneficiariesApprovedFid
1041-VPayment VoucherApprovedFid
1045Application for Tentative RefundApprovedFid,Ind
1065Return of Partnership IncomeApprovedPart
1065XAmended Return or Administrative Adjust RequestApprovedPart
1098C1098-C Motor Vehicles, Boats, and AirplanesApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
1116Foreign Tax Credit (Individual, Estate, or Trust)ApprovedExempt,Fid,Ind
1118Foreign Tax Credit - CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt
1120Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
1120-FIncome Tax Return of Foreign CorporationApprovedMisc
1120-HIncome Tax Return for Homeowners AssociationsApprovedMisc
1120-W (Worksheet)Estimated Tax for CorporationsApprovedCorp
1120SS Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
1120XAmended U.S. Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
1122Authorization and Consent of SubsidiaryApprovedCorp
1125-ACost of Goods SoldApprovedCorp,Misc,Part,S-Corp
1125-ECompensation of OfficersApprovedCorp,Misc,S-Corp
1127Extension for Payment of Tax Due to Undue HardshipApprovedMisc
1128Application to Adopt, Change, or Retain a Tax YearApprovedMisc
1139Corporation Application for Tentative RefundApprovedCorp
1310Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
2106Employee Business ExpensesApprovedInd
2106-EZUnreimbursed Employee Business ExpensesApprovedInd
2120Multiple Support DeclarationApprovedInd
2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
2210-FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by FarmersApprovedInd
2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
2290, 2290-V (07/18)Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax ReturnFinal PendingMisc
2350Extension of Time to File U.S. Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
2350 (SP)Declaracion del Impuesto sobre IngresoApprovedInd
2441Child and Dependent Care ExpensesApprovedInd
2553Election by a Small Business CorporationApprovedMisc
2555Foreign Earned IncomeApprovedInd
2555-EZForeign Earned Income ExclusionApprovedInd
2848Power of AttorneyApprovedInd,Misc
2848 (SP)Poder Legal-Declaracion RepresentanteApprovedInd
3115Application for Change Accounting MethodApprovedMisc
3468Investment CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
3520-AAnnual Return of Foreign Trust With a U.S. OwnerApprovedMisc
3520-A Page 3Foreign Grantor Trust Owner StatementApprovedMisc
3520-A Page 4Foreign Grantor Trust Beneficiary StatementApprovedMisc
3800General Business CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind
3903Moving ExpensesApprovedInd
3911Taxpayer Statement Regarding RefundApprovedMisc
4136Credit for Federal Tax Paid on FuelsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,S-Corp
4137Social Security and Medicare Tax on Unreported TipApprovedInd
4255Recapture of Investment CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
433-A (OIC)Collection Information Statement for IndividualsApprovedMisc
433-B (OIC)Collection Information Statement for BusinessesApprovedMisc
4361Exemption from Self-Employment Tax for MinistersApprovedMisc
4466Corporation Refund of Overpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,Exempt
4506Request for Copy of ReturnApprovedMisc
4506-TRequest for Transcript of Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
4562Depreciation and AmortizationApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
4563Exclusion of Income of American SamoaApprovedInd
4626Alternative Minimum Tax - CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt
4684 Page 1Casualties and Thefts Page 1ApprovedExempt,Fid,Ind
4684 Pages 2-4Casualties and Thefts Pages 2-4ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
4768Extension to File a Return and/or Pay Estate TaxesApprovedEstate
4797Sales of Business PropertyApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
4810Request for Prompt AssessmentApprovedMisc
4835Farm Rental Income and ExpensesApprovedInd
4852Substitute for Form W-2 or Form 1099RApprovedInd
4868Automatic Extension of Time To File Individual TaxApprovedInd
4868 (SP)Automatica la Declaracion del ImpuestoApprovedInd
4952Investment Interest Expense DeductionApprovedFid,Ind
4970Tax on Accumulation Distribution of TrustsApprovedFid,Ind
4972Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsApprovedFid,Ind
5074Allocation of Individual Tax to Guam or CNMIApprovedInd
5227Split-Interest Trust Information ReturnApprovedFid
5329Additional Taxes on Qualified PlansApprovedInd
5330Excise Taxes Related to Employee BenefitApproved5500
5405Repayment of the First-Time Homebuyer CreditApprovedInd
5472Return of 25% Foreign-Owned U.S. CorporationApprovedCorp
5500Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit PlanApproved5500
5500-SFShort Form Annual Return of Employee BenefitApproved5500
5500EZOne-Participant (Owners) Retirement PlanApproved5500
5558Extension of Time to File Employee Plan ReturnsApproved5500
56Notice Concerning Fiduciary RelationshipApprovedMisc
5695Residential Energy CreditsApprovedInd
5884Work Opportunity CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
6118Claim for Refund of Tax Return PreparerApprovedMisc
6198At-Risk LimitationsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
6251Alternative Minimum Tax - IndividualsApprovedInd
6252Installment Sale IncomeApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
6478Biofuel Producer CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
656Offer in CompromiseApprovedMisc
656-LOffer in Compromise (Doubt as to Liability)ApprovedMisc
656-PPVOffer In Compromise - Periodic Payment VoucherApprovedMisc
6765Credit for Increasing Research ActivitiesApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
6781Gains and Losses From Section 1256ApprovedExempt,Fid,Ind
7004Extension to File Business, Information, and OtherApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
706Estate (Generation Skipping Transfer) Tax ReturnApprovedEstate
709Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax ReturnApprovedGift
8050Direct Deposit of Corporate Tax RefundApprovedCorp,S-Corp
8082Notice of Inconsistent Treatment or (AAR)ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8275Disclosure StatementApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8275-RRegulation Disclosure StatementApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8282Donee Information (Disposition Donated Property)ApprovedMisc
8283Noncash Charitable ContributionsApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8308Report of Sale/Exchange of Partnership InterestsApprovedPart
8332Release of Claim to Exemption - Child by CustodialApprovedInd
8379Injured Spouse AllocationApprovedInd
8396Mortgage Interest CreditApprovedInd
843Claim for Refund and Request for AbatementApprovedMisc
8453Individual Tax Transmittal for IRS E-File ReturnApprovedInd
8453 (SP)Informe del Impuesto e-fileApprovedInd
851Affiliations ScheduleApprovedCorp
8582Passive Activity Loss LimitationsApprovedFid,Ind
8582-CRPassive Activity Credit LimitationsApprovedFid,Ind
8586Low-Income Housing CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8594Asset Acquisition StatementApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8606Nondeductible IRAsApprovedInd
8609Low-Income Housing Credit AllocationApprovedMisc
8609-AAnnual Statement for Low-Income Housing CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8611Recapture of Low-Income Housing CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8615Tax for Certain Children Who Have Unearned IncomeApprovedInd
8689Allocation of Individual Tax to the Virgin IslandsApprovedInd
8697Interest Computation Under the Look-Back MethodApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8716Election to Have a Tax Year Other Than RequiredApprovedCorp,Misc,Part,S-Corp
8752Required Payment or Refund Under Section 7519ApprovedMisc
8801Credit for Prior Year Minimum TaxApprovedExempt,Fid,Ind
8810Corporate Passive Activity Loss/Credit LimitationsApprovedCorp
8814Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsApprovedInd
8815Exclusion of Interest Series EE and I Savings BondApprovedInd
8820Orphan Drug CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8821Tax Information AuthorizationApprovedMisc
8822Change of AddressApprovedMisc
8822-BChange of Address or Responsible Party - BusinessApprovedMisc
8824Like-Kind ExchangesApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8825Rental Real Estate Income and ExpensesApprovedPart,S-Corp
8826Disabled Access CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8827Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax - CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt
8828Recapture of Federal Mortgage SubsidyApprovedInd
8829Expenses for Business Use of Your HomeApprovedInd
8832Entity Classification ElectionApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
8834Qualified Electric Vehicle CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind
8835Renewable Electricity and Coal Production CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8838Consent to Extend the Time to Assess Tax Under 367ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,S-Corp
8839Qualified Adoption ExpensesApprovedInd
8843Stmt for Exempt Individuals with Medical ConditionApprovedInd
8844Empowerment Zone Employment CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8845Indian Employment CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8846Credit for Employer Taxes Paid on Employee TipsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8853Archer MSAs and Long-Term Care Insurance ContractsApprovedInd
8857Request for Innocent Spouse ReliefApprovedMisc
8859Carryforward of DC First-Time Homebuyer CreditApprovedInd
8862Info Claim Refundable Credits After DisallowanceApprovedInd
8862 (SP)Informacion Para Reclamar Ciertos CreditosApprovedInd
8863Education CreditsApprovedInd
8866Interest Computation Under the Look-Back MethodApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8867Paid Preparer's Due Diligence ChecklistApprovedInd
8868Extension of Time to File an Exempt OrganizationApprovedExempt
8869Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiary ElectionApprovedMisc
8878E-File Signature Authorization for 4868 or 2350ApprovedInd
8878(SP)Auto/Firma / Presentar /medio del e-fileApprovedInd
8879E-File Signature Authorization for 1040ApprovedInd
8879(SP)Auto/para Presentar por medio del e-fileApprovedInd
8879-CE-File Signature Authorization for 1120ApprovedCorp
8879-EOE-File Signature Authorization for 990 or 1120-POLApprovedExempt
8879-FE-File Signature Authorization for 1041ApprovedFid
8879-PEE-File Signature Authorization for 1065ApprovedPart
8879-SE-File Signature Authorization for 1120SApprovedS-Corp
8880Credit Qualified Retirement Savings ContributionsApprovedInd
8881Credit for Small Employer Pension PlanApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8882Credit for Employer-Provided ChildcareApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8885Health Coverage Tax CreditApprovedInd
8888Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond)ApprovedInd
8889Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)ApprovedInd
8892, 8892-VAutomatic Extension of Time To File Form 709ApprovedGift
8902Alternative Tax on Qualifying Shipping ActivitiesApprovedCorp,Exempt
8903Domestic Production Activities DeductionApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8908Energy Efficient Home CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8910Alternative Motor Vehicle CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8916-ASupplemental Attachment to Schedule M-3ApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
8917Tuition and Fees DeductionApprovedInd
8919Uncollected SS and Medicare Tax on WagesApprovedInd
8925Report of Employer-Owned Life Insurance ContractsApprovedPart,S-Corp
8936Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle CrApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8938Statement of Specified Foreign Financial AssetsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8941Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance PremiumApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8944Preparer e-File Hardship Waiver RequestApprovedMisc
8945PTIN Application Due to Religious ObjectionApprovedMisc
8946PTIN Application for Foreign Persons w/o SSNApprovedMisc
8948Preparer Explanation for Not Filing ElectronicallyApprovedFid,Ind
8949Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital AssetsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
8958Allocation of Tax AmountsApprovedInd
8959Additional Medicare TaxApprovedInd
8960Net Investment Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind
8962Premium Tax Credit (1095-A)ApprovedInd
8965Health Coverage ExemptionsApprovedInd
911Request for Taxpayer Advocate AssistanceApprovedMisc
926U.S. Transferor of Property to Foreign CorporationApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,S-Corp
9325Acknowledgement and Information for e-filed ReturnApprovedInd
9465Installment Agreement RequestApprovedInd
9465-SPSolicitud para un Plan de Pagos a PlazosApprovedInd
966Corporate Dissolution or LiquidationApprovedMisc
970Application to use LIFO Inventory MethodApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
982Reduction of Tax AttributesApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
990Return of Organization Exempt from Income TaxApprovedExempt
990-EZReturn of Organization Exempt from Tax - ShortApprovedExempt
990-PFReturn of Private FoundationApprovedExempt
990-TExempt Organization Business Income TaxApprovedExempt
990-WEstimated Tax on Unrelated Business Taxable IncomeApprovedExempt
AK 0405-6000Corporation Net Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AK 0405-6220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AK 0405-6240 (Est)Estimate Voucher Corporation Net Income TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AK 0405-6900Partnership Information Return, Sch A, B, and K-1ApprovedPart
AK 0405-775Request for Informal Conference, Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
AL 20CCorporation Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp
AL 20SS Corporation Information/Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
AL 2210AL (40/40NR)Underpayment of Estimated Tax PenaltyApprovedInd
AL 2220ALUnderpayment of Estimated Tax for CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AL 2848APower of AttorneyApprovedMisc
AL 40Individual Income Tax Return Res/Part-Year ResApprovedInd
AL 40-ESEstimated Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
AL 40NRIndividual Income Tax Return Nonresidents OnlyApprovedInd
AL 40VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
AL 41, Sch K1Fiduciary IT Return, A, B, C, K, K-1, G and ESBTApprovedFid
AL 4506-ARequest for Copy of Tax Form or Individual AccountApprovedMisc
AL 4952AInvestment Interest Expense DeductionApprovedFid,Ind
AL 65Partnership/Limited Liability Company ReturnApprovedPart
AL 8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for E-filingApprovedInd
AL 8453-CCorporate Income Tax Declaration Electronic FilingApprovedCorp
AL 8453-PTES-Corporation/Partnership Declaration for e-FilingApprovedPart,S-Corp
AL 8821ATax Information AuthorizationApprovedMisc
AL ADV-40Business Personal Property ReturnApprovedMisc
AL BIT-VBusiness Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AL BPT-INBusiness Privilege Tax Initial Privilege ReturnApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
AL BPT-VBusiness Privilege Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
AL CPTBusiness Privilege Tax Return and Annual ReportApprovedCorp
AL EOOTaxpayer E-file Opt Out Election FormApprovedInd
AL FDT-VFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
AL NOL-85Computation of Net Operating LossApprovedInd
AL NOL-85ANet Operating Loss Carryback or CarryfowardApprovedInd
AL NOL-F85Computation of Net Operating Loss - Fiduciary (41)ApprovedFid
AL NOL-F85ANet Operating Carryback or CarryforwardApprovedFid
AL PPTBusiness Privilege Tax Return and Annual ReportApprovedPart,S-Corp
AL PTE-VPass Through Entity Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
AL Sch A (40)Itemized DeductionsApprovedInd
AL Sch A (40NR)Itemized DeductionsApprovedInd
AL Sch AACAdoption Tax CreditApprovedInd
AL Sch AATCAccountability Tax CreditApprovedInd
AL Sch AB (20C)Add-Back FormApprovedCorp
AL Sch AL-CARSec. of State Corporation Annual Report (CPT, PPT)ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AL Sch B,CR,DC (40)Interest, Dividend Income and CreditsApprovedInd
AL Sch B,D,E (40NR)Income AdjustmentsApprovedInd
AL Sch BC (20C)Business CreditsApprovedCorp
AL Sch D (40)Net Profit or Loss from Sale of Stocks, etc.ApprovedInd
AL Sch D (41)Profit or Loss from Sales of AssetsApprovedFid
AL Sch E (40)Supplemental Income and LossApprovedInd
AL Sch E (41)Supplemental Income and LossApprovedFid
AL Sch FC (41)Fiduciary CreditsApprovedFid
AL Sch K1 (20S)Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedS-Corp
AL Sch K1 (65)Owner's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedPart
AL Sch NRA (20S)S-Corporation Nonresident AgreementApprovedS-Corp
AL Sch NRC-EXEMPTSubchapter K Affidavit of Exemption by NonresidentApprovedPart
AL Sch NTCNet Tax CalculationApprovedInd
AL Sch OC (40/40NR)Other Available CreditsApprovedInd
AL Sch PAB (65/20S)Add-Back FormApprovedPart,S-Corp
AL Sch PC (20S/65)Pass-Through CreditsApprovedPart,S-Corp
AL Sch QIP-CQualified Investment Partnership CertificationApprovedPart
AL Sch SBASmall Business and Agribusiness Jobs CreditApprovedInd
AL Sch W-2Schedule W-2 - Wages, Salaries, Tips, etc.ApprovedInd
AR 1000-COSchedule of Check-Off ContributionsApprovedInd
AR 1000-ODOrgan Donor Deduction Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
AR 1000ADJSchedule of AdjustmentsApprovedInd
AR 1000CETeachers Qualified Classroom Investment ExpApprovedInd
AR 1000CRIncome Tax Composite Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
AR 1000CRVComposite Income Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedPart,S-Corp
AR 1000DIndividual Income Tax Capital GainsApprovedInd
AR 1000DCCertificate for Individuals with DisabilitiesApprovedInd
AR 1000ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsApprovedInd
AR 1000FIndividual Income Tax Return Full Year ResidentApprovedInd
AR 1000NRIncome Tax Return Nonresident / Part Year ResidentApprovedInd
AR 1000RC5Individuals with Developmental DisabilitiesApprovedInd
AR 1000TCSchedule of Tax CreditsApprovedInd
AR 1000TDLump-Sum Distribution AveragingApprovedInd
AR 1000VIndividual Income Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedInd
AR 1002ESFiduciary Estimated Tax Payment VouchersApprovedFid
AR 1002FFiduciary Return and Sch A and BApprovedFid
AR 1002NRNonresident Fiduciary Return and Sch A, BApprovedFid
AR 1002VFiduciary Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedFid
AR 1050Partnership Return and Sch A and BApprovedPart
AR 1055-CRRequest for Ext of Time Composite Returns/PaymentApprovedPart,S-Corp
AR 1055-FERequest Ext of Time for Fiduciary Returns/PaymentApprovedFid
AR 1055-ITRequest for Ext of Time for Ind Tax ReturnsApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
AR 1055-PEReq Ext of Time for Filing Partnership ReturnsApprovedPart
AR 1075Deduction for Tuition Paid to Post-SecondaryApprovedInd
AR 1100CTCorporation Income Tax Return; Schedule AApprovedCorp
AR 1100CTVCorporation Income Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AR 1100ESCTEstimated Corporation Income Tax PaymentApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AR 1100SS Corporation Income Tax Return and Sch A and DApprovedS-Corp
AR 1103Election by Small Business CorporationApprovedMisc
AR 1113Phenylketonuria Disorder CreditApprovedInd
AR 1155Corporation Income Tax Request for ExtensionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
AR 2210, 2210ATax Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
AR 2220, 2220AUnderpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp
AR 3Individual Income Tax Itemized DeductionsApprovedInd
AR 4Individual Income Tax Interest and DividendsApprovedInd
AR 4-FIDFiduciary Income Tax - Interest and DividendsApprovedFid
AR 8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for E-FilingApprovedInd
AR AR-RETRetirement ExclusionApprovedInd
AR MSTax Exemption Certificate for Military SpouseApprovedInd
AR OIOther Income / Depreciation DifferencesApprovedInd
AR Sch K-1 (1100S)Schedule K-1 (Form AR1100S and AR1050)ApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
Audit AssistanceAudit Assistance Membership AgreementApprovedInd
AZ 120Corporate Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp
AZ 120ES, 120WCorporation Estimated Tax Payment and WorksheetApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
AZ 120EXTApplication for Extension of Time to File 10340ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
AZ 120S, K1 R/NRS Corp Income Tax Return, K-1 10337/10338/11191ApprovedS-Corp
AZ 120XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return 10341ApprovedCorp
AZ 131Refund on Behalf of Deceased Taxpayer 10412ApprovedInd
AZ 140Resident Personal Income Tax Return 10413ApprovedInd
AZ 140-IAIndividual Tax Installment Agreement ADOR 10153ApprovedInd
AZ 140ESIndividual Estimated Income Tax Payment 10575ApprovedInd
AZ 140NRNonresident Personal Income Tax Return 10177ApprovedInd
AZ 140PTCProperty Tax Refund (Credit) Claim 10567ApprovedInd
AZ 140PYPart-Year Resident Personal Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
AZ 140VIndividual Tax Payment Voucher - e-Filing 91-0016ApprovedInd
AZ 140XIndividual Amended Income Tax Return 10573ApprovedInd
AZ 141AZ ESEstate or Trust Estimated Income Tax Payment 11135ApprovedFid
AZ 141AZ EXTExtension for Fiduciary Returns Only 11136ApprovedFid
AZ 141AZ, K1Fiduciary IT Return and Schs, K-1 10584/85/86ApprovedFid
AZ 165Partnership Income Tax Return 10343ApprovedPart
AZ 165 Sch K1, K1 NRPartner's Share of Partnership Income 10344,10345ApprovedPart
AZ 200Request Innocent Spouse Relief/Separation 10180ApprovedMisc
AZ 202Personal Exemption Allocation Election 10167ApprovedInd
AZ 203Request for Injured Spouse ProtectionApprovedInd
AZ 204Extension for Individual Returns Only 10576ApprovedInd
AZ 220Underpayment of Estimated Tax 10342ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
AZ 221Underpayment of Estimated Tax 0642ApprovedInd
AZ 285General Disclosure/Representation Form 10952ApprovedMisc
AZ 300Nonrefundable Tax Credits and Recapture 10128ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
AZ 301Nonrefundable Tax Credits and Recapture 10127ApprovedInd
AZ 309Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State or CountryApprovedInd
AZ 310Credit for Solar Energy Devices 10139ApprovedInd
AZ 321Credit for Contributions to Charitable Orgs 10643ApprovedInd
AZ 322Credit for Fees Paid to Public Schools 10941ApprovedInd
AZ 323Credit for Contributions to Private School TuitionApprovedInd
AZ 340Credit for Donations to Military Relief Fund 10395ApprovedInd
AZ 348Credit for Contributions Certified School TuitionApprovedInd
AZ 450Request for Copies of Tax Documents 10582ApprovedMisc
AZ 822Change of Address 10173ApprovedMisc
AZ 8879E-file Signature Authorization ADOR 10549ApprovedInd
AZ 99Exempt Organization Annual Information ReturnApprovedExempt
AZ 99TExempt Organization Business Income Tax 10419ApprovedExempt
AZ Sch A (140)Itemized Deduction Adjustments 10571ApprovedInd
AZ Sch A (140NR)Itemized Deductions for Nonresidents 10562ApprovedInd
AZ Sch A PY (140PY)Itemized Deductions for Part-Year Residents 10175ApprovedInd
AZ Sch A PYN (140PY)Itemized Deductions for Part-Year Residents 10176ApprovedInd
CA 100Corporation Franchise or Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
CA 100-ESCorporation Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
CA 100SS Corporation Franchise or Income Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
CA 100XAmended Corporation Franchise or Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
CA 109Exempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
CA 199Exempt Organization Annual Information ReturnApprovedExempt
CA 540Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
CA 540-ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsApprovedInd
CA 540NRNonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax LongApprovedInd
CA 541Fiduciary Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedFid
CA 541-ESEstimated Tax for FiduciariesApprovedFid
CA 565Partnership Return of IncomeApprovedPart
CA 568Limited Liability Company Return of IncomeApprovedInd,Part
CA 592-B (2018)Resident and Nonresident Withholding Tax StatementApprovedInd
CA 593Real Estate Withholding Tax StatementApprovedInd
CA CDTFA-392Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
CA CDTFA-490Offer-In-Compromise Application for IndividualsApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3506Child and Dependent Care Expenses CreditApprovedInd
CA FTB-3510Credit for Prior Year Alternative Minimum TaxApprovedFid,Ind
CA FTB-3514Earned Income Tax CreditApprovedInd
CA FTB-3516Request for Copy of ReturnApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3519 (PIT)Payment for Automatic Extension for IndividualsApprovedInd
CA FTB-3520Franchise Tax Board Power of Attorney DeclarationApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3520 BEBusiness Entity/Group Nonresident POA DeclarationApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3520 PITIndividual or Fiduciary POA DeclarationApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3522LLC Tax VoucherApprovedInd,Part
CA FTB-3523Research CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
CA FTB-3526Investment Interest Expense DeductionApprovedFid,Ind
CA FTB-3532Head of Household Filing Status ScheduleApprovedInd
CA FTB-3533Change of Address for IndividualsApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3533-BChange of Address for BusinessesApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3536 (LLC)Estimated Fee for LLCsApprovedInd,Part
CA FTB-3537Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCsApprovedInd,Part
CA FTB-3538 (565)Extension Payment for LPs, LLPs, and REMICsApprovedPart
CA FTB-3539 (CORP)Payment for Automatic Extension for CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
CA FTB-3554New Employment CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
CA FTB-3563 (541)Payment Voucher for Extension for FiduciariesApprovedFid
CA FTB-3567Installment Agreement RequestApprovedInd
CA FTB-3574Special Election for Business Trusts and SMLLCsApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3582Payment Voucher for Individual e-filed ReturnsApprovedInd
CA FTB-3586 (100)Voucher for Corps / Exempt Orgs e-filed ReturnsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
CA FTB-3587 (E-File)Voucher for LP, LLP, REMIC e-filed ReturnsApprovedPart
CA FTB-3588 (E-File)Payment Voucher for LLC e-filed ReturnsApprovedPart
CA FTB-3592College Access Tax CreditApprovedInd
CA FTB-3596Paid Preparer's Due Diligence Checklist for EITCApprovedInd
CA FTB-3701Request for Abatement of InterestApprovedMisc
CA FTB-3800Tax Computation for Certain Children with IncomeApprovedInd
CA FTB-3801Passive Activity Loss LimitationsApprovedFid,Ind
CA FTB-3802Corporate Passive Activity Loss and LimitationsApprovedCorp
CA FTB-3803Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsApprovedInd
CA FTB-3805EInstallment Sale IncomeApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
CA FTB-3805PAdditional Taxes on Qualified Plans Including IRAsApprovedInd
CA FTB-3805QNOL Computation - CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
CA FTB-3805VNOL Computation - Individuals, Estates, and TrustsApprovedExempt,Fid,Ind
CA FTB-3832LLC Nonresident Members ConsentApprovedPart
CA FTB-3885Corporation Depreciation and Amortization 100/100WApprovedCorp
CA FTB-3885ADepreciation and Amortization AdjustmentsApprovedInd
CA FTB-3885FDepreciation and Amortization (541, 109, or 199)ApprovedExempt,Fid
CA FTB-3885LDepreciation and Amortization (568)ApprovedInd,Part
CA FTB-3885PDepreciation and Amortization (565)ApprovedPart
CA FTB-4905BEOffer In Compromise ApplicationApprovedMisc
CA FTB-4905PITOffer In Compromise for IndividualsApprovedMisc
CA FTB-5805Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
CA FTB-5805FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmers/FishermenApprovedInd
CA FTB-5806Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
CA FTB-8453E-file Return Authorization for IndividualsApprovedInd
CA FTB-8453-CE-file Return Authorization for CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
CA FTB-8453-LLCE-file Return Authorization for LLCsApprovedPart
CA FTB-8453-PE-file Return Authorization for PartnershipsApprovedPart
CA FTB-8454E-file Opt-Out Record for IndividualsApprovedInd
CA FTB-8455E-file Payment Record for IndividualsApprovedInd
CA FTB-8879E-file Signature Authorization for IndividualsApprovedInd
CA Sch B, C (100S)S Corporation Depreciation, Amortization, CreditsApprovedS-Corp
CA Sch CA (540)Adjustments - ResidentsApprovedInd
CA Sch CA (540NR)Adjustments - Nonresidents or Part-Year ResidentsApprovedInd
CA Sch D (100S)S Corporation Capital Gains and LossesApprovedS-Corp
CA Sch D (540)Capital Gain or Loss AdjustmentApprovedInd
CA Sch D (540NR)Capital Gain or Loss AdjustmentApprovedInd
CA Sch D (541)Capital Gain or Loss (Attach to 541 or 109)ApprovedExempt,Fid
CA Sch D (565)Capital Gain or LossApprovedPart
CA Sch D (568)Capital Gain or LossApprovedPart
CA Sch D-1Sales of Business PropertyApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
CA Sch EO (565)Pass-Through Entity OwnershipApprovedPart
CA Sch EO (568)Pass-Through Entity OwnershipApprovedPart
CA Sch G-1Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions (540, 540NR, 541)ApprovedFid,Ind
CA Sch H (100)Dividend Income DeductionApprovedCorp
CA Sch H (100S)S Corporation Dividend Income DeductionApprovedS-Corp
CA Sch J (541)Trust Allocation of an Accumulation DistributionApprovedFid
CA Sch K-1 (100S)Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditApprovedInd,S-Corp
CA Sch K-1 (541)Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedFid,Ind
CA Sch K-1 (565)Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedPart
CA Sch K-1 (568)Member's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedPart
CA Sch P (100/109)Alt Minimum Tax/Credit Limitations - CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt
CA Sch P (540)Alt Minimum Tax/Credit Limitations - ResidentsApprovedInd
CA Sch P (540NR)Alt Minimum Tax/Credit Limitations - NonresidentsApprovedInd
CA Sch P (541)Alt Minimum Tax/Credit Limitations - FiduciariesApprovedExempt,Fid
CA Sch RApportionment and Allocation of IncomeApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
CA Sch SOther State Tax CreditApprovedFid,Ind
CA Sch W-2Schedule W-2 - Wage and Tax StatementApprovedInd
CA Sch XExplanation of Amended Return ChangesApprovedInd
CO DR-0104Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
CO DR-0104ADSubtractions from Income ScheduleApprovedInd
CO DR-0104AMTAlternative Minimum Tax Computation ScheduleApprovedInd
CO DR-0104BEPNonresident Beneficiary Estimated TaxApprovedFid
CO DR-0104CHVoluntary Contributions ScheduleApprovedInd
CO DR-0104CRIndividual Credit ScheduleApprovedInd
CO DR-0104EPEstimated Income Tax Payment FormApprovedInd
CO DR-0104PNPart-Year Resident/NR Tax Calculation ScheduleApprovedInd
CO DR-0104PTCProperty Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate and AffidavitApprovedInd
CO DR-0104USConsumer Use Tax Reporting ScheduleApprovedInd
CO DR-0104XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
CO DR-0105Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
CO DR-0105EPEstate/Trust Estimated Tax Payment FormApprovedFid
CO DR-0106/0107/0108Pass-Through Entity and Composite ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
CO DR-0106CRPass-Through Entity Credit ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
CO DR-0106EPComposite Nonresident Estimated Tax Payment FormApprovedPart,S-Corp
CO DR-0112C Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
CO DR-0112CRCredit Schedule for CorporationsApprovedCorp
CO DR-0112EPCorporate Estimated Tax Payment FormApprovedCorp
CO DR-0112XAmended C-Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
CO DR-0145Tax Information Designation, Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
CO DR-0158-CPayment Voucher for Extension of TimeApprovedCorp
CO DR-0158-FPayment for Auto Extension for Estates or TrustsApprovedFid
CO DR-0158-IExtension Payment for Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
CO DR-0158-NFiling Extension Composite Nonresident Income TaxApprovedPart,S-Corp
CO DR-0204Underpayment of Individual Estimated TaxApprovedInd
CO DR-0205Penalty on Underpayment of Corporate Estimated TaxApprovedCorp
CO DR-0347Child Care Expenses Tax CreditApprovedInd
CO DR-0350First Time Home Buyers SubtractionApprovedInd
CO DR-0617Innovative Motor Vehicle and Truck CreditsApprovedInd
CO DR-0900Individual Income Tax Payment FormApprovedInd
CO DR-0900CC Corporation Income Tax Payment FormApprovedCorp
CO DR-1305Gross Conservation Easement Donor SchedulesApprovedInd
CO DR-1305EGross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer SchApprovedInd
CO DR-1316Source Capital Gain AffidavitApprovedInd
CO DR-1366Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward ScheduleApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
CO DR-5714Request for Copy of Tax ReturnsApprovedMisc
CO DR-8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
CO DR-8453CCorporate Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedCorp
CO DR-8453PIncome Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedPart,S-Corp
CT 1040Resident Income Tax Return, Schedules 1,2,3,4,5ApprovedInd
CT 1040 EFWElectronic Withdrawal Payment RecordApprovedInd
CT 1040 EXTExtension Time to File Tax Return for IndividualsApprovedInd
CT 1040ESEstimated Income Tax PaymentApprovedInd
CT 1040NR/PYNonresident or Part Yr Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
CT 1040VElectronic Filing Payment VoucherApprovedInd
CT 1040XAmended Income Tax Return for IndividualsApprovedInd
CT 1041Income Tax Return for Trusts and EstatesApprovedFid
CT 1041 EXTExtension of Time to File Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
CT 1041ESEstimated Income Tax Payment for Trusts/EstatesApprovedFid
CT 1065/1120SI ESEstimated Pass-Through EntityApproval PendingPart,S-Corp
CT 1065/1120SI EXTExtension to File Composite Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
CT 1065/1120SI, K1Composite Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
CT 1120Corporation Business Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
CT 1120 ATTCorporation Business Tax Return AttachmentApprovedCorp
CT 1120 ESA,B,C,DEstimated Corporation Business Tax PaymentApprovedCorp
CT 1120 EXTExtension to File Corporation Business Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
CT 1120ACorporation Business Tax Apportionment ComputationApprovedCorp
CT 1120IInterest Due on Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,Exempt
CT 1120KBusiness Tax Credit SummaryApprovedCorp
CT 1120XAmended Corporation Business Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
CT 1127Extension of Time for Payment of Income TaxApprovedInd
CT 2210Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind
CT 6251Alternative Minimum Tax Return - IndividualsApprovedInd
CT 8379Nonobligated Spouse ClaimApprovedInd
CT 8801Credit for Prior Year Minimum TaxApprovedFid,Ind
CT 8822Change of AddressApprovedMisc
CT 8857Request for Innocent Spouse ReliefApprovedMisc
CT 990TUnrelated Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
CT 990T ESA, B, C, DEstimated Unrelated Business Income Tax PaymentsApprovedExempt
CT 990T EXTExtension of Time to File Unrelated Business TaxApprovedExempt
CT LGL-001Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
CT LGL-002Request for Disclosure of Tax Return or Tax InfoApprovedMisc
CT LGL-003Limited Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
CT Sch B, K-1, K-1TFiduciary Adjustment Allocation, K-1, K-1T (1041)ApprovedFid
CT Sch CT-1040AWPart-Year Resident Income AllocationApprovedInd
CT Sch CT-1040WHSupplemental Income Tax WithholdingApprovedInd
CT Sch CT-1041CTaxable Income Calculation (CT-1041)ApprovedFid
CT Sch CT-1041FAFiduciary AllocationApprovedFid
CT Sch CT-CHETHigher Education Trust (CHET)ApprovedInd
CT Sch CT-EITCEarned Income Tax CreditApprovedInd
CT Sch CT-IT CreditCredit Income Tax Credit SummaryApprovedFid,Ind
CT Sch CT-SINonresident or Part Yr Resident Schedule of IncomeApprovedInd
CT Sch I (1041)Alt Minimum Tax Computation of Trusts or EstatesApprovedFid
DC D-20Corporation Franchise Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp,S-Corp
DC D-20 NOLNet Operating Loss DeductionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
DC D-20ESDeclaration of Estimated Franchise TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
DC D-20PPayment Voucher for Corporation Franchise TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
DC D-2210Underpayment Estimated Income Tax by IndividualsApprovedInd
DC D-2220Underpayment Estimated Franchise Tax by BusinessesApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
DC D-2440Disability Income Exclusion, Physician CertificateApprovedInd
DC D-2441Child and Dependent Care Credit for PY ResidentsApprovedInd
DC D-2848Power of Attorney, Declaration of RepresentationApprovedMisc
DC D-30Unincorporated Business Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Ind,Part
DC D-30 NOLNet Operating Loss DeductionApprovedFid,Part
DC D-30ESBusiness Declaration of Estimated Franchise TaxApprovedFid,Ind,Part
DC D-30PPayment Voucher for Unincorporated Franchise TaxApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
DC D-40Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DC D-40BNonresident Request for RefundApprovedInd
DC D-40EIndividual Income Tax Declaration for E-FilingApprovedInd
DC D-40ESEstimated Payment for Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
DC D-40PPayment Voucher for Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
DC D-40WHWithholding Tax ScheduleApprovedInd
DC D-41Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
DC D-41ESEstimated Payment for Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
DC D-41PPayment Voucher for Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
DC D-65Partnership Return of IncomeApprovedPart
DC FR-120Extension of Time to File - Corporation FranchiseApprovedCorp,S-Corp
DC FR-127Extension of Time to File Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DC FR-127FExtension of Time to File Fiduciary ReturnApprovedFid
DC FR-130Extension of Time - Unincorp Business FranchiseApprovedFid,Ind,Part
DC FR-147Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
DC FR-165Extension of Time to File - Partnership ReturnApprovedPart
DC Sch HHomeowner and Renter Property Tax CreditApprovedInd
DC Sch I (D-40)Additions to and Subtractions from Federal AGIApprovedInd
DC Sch N (D-40)Non-Custodial Parent EITC ClaimApprovedInd
DC Sch S (D-40)Supplemental Information and DependentsApprovedInd
DC Sch U (D-40)Additional Miscellaneous Credits and ContributionsApprovedInd
DC Sch UBSchedule UB - Business Credits (D-20 or D-30)ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
DE 1027Extension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DE 1100Corporation Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp
DE 1100-PS Corporation Income Tax Estimated Payment CouponsApprovedS-Corp
DE 1100-P-EXTS Corporation Request for ExtensionApprovedS-Corp
DE 1100-TCorporate Tentative Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
DE 1100-T-EXTCorporate Income Tax Request for ExtensionApprovedCorp
DE 1100SS Corporation Reconciliation and Shareholders InfoApprovedS-Corp
DE 1100XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return, SchsApprovedCorp
DE 200-01 RIndividual Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DE 200-01-XResident Amended Personal Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DE 200-02 NRIndividual Non-Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DE 200-02-XNon-Resident Amended Personal Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
DE 200-ESDeclaration of Estimated Income TaxApprovedInd
DE 200-VElectronic Filer Payment VoucherApprovedInd
DE 2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxesApprovedInd
DE 300, Sch K1Partnership Return and SchedulesApprovedPart
DE 329Special Tax Computation for Lump Sum DistributionApprovedFid,Ind
DE 400, Sch K1Fiduciary Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedFid
DE 400-ESDeclaration of Estimated Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
DE 400-EXDeclaration of Fiduciary Income Tax - ExtensionApprovedFid
DE 700Income Tax Credit ScheduleApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,S-Corp
DE 8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
DE CISBBusiness Collection Information StatementApprovedMisc
DE CISPCollection Information Statement (Personal)ApprovedMisc
DE Sch A (1100S)S Corporation Reconciliation of Ordinary IncomeApprovedS-Corp
DE Sch A-1 (1100S)S Corporation Shareholders Information ReturnApprovedS-Corp
Fee CollectFee Collect ApplicationApprovedInd
Fee Collect PSFee Collect PS ApplicationApprovedInd
FL DR-405Tangible Personal Property Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
FL DR-835Power of Attorney / Declaration of RepresentativeApprovedMisc
FL F-1065Partnership Information ReturnApprovedPart
FL F-1120Corporate Income/Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
FL F-1120ESDeclaration/Installment - Est Income/Franchise TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
FL F-1120XAmended Corporate Income/Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
FL F-2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax on Corporate TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
FL F-7004Extension of Time to File ReturnApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
GA 500Individual Income Tax Return; Supplemental W-2ApprovedInd
GA 500 ESEstimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid,Ind
GA 500 UETUnderpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
GA 500-NOLNOL Adjustment for Other Than CorporationsApprovedFid,Ind
GA 500XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
GA 501Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
GA 501XAmended Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
GA 525-TVIndividual and Fiduciary Payment VoucherApprovedInd
GA 600Corporation Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp
GA 600-TExempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
GA 600SS Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
GA 600S-CAConsent Agreement of Nonresident StockholdersApprovedS-Corp
GA 602-ESCorporate Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
GA 700Partnership Tax ReturnApprovedPart
GA 8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
GA 8453-CCorporate Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedCorp
GA 8453-PPartnership Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedPart
GA 8453-SS Corporate Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedS-Corp
GA IND-CR 201Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit CreditApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 202Child and Dependent Care Expense Tax Credit 202ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 203National Guard/Air National Guard Credit 203ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 204Qualified Caregiving Expense Credit 204ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 205Driver Education Credit 205ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 206Disaster Assistance Credit 206ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 207Rural Physicians Credit 207ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 208Adoption of a Foster Child Credit 208ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR 209Eligible Single-Family Residence Tax Credit 209ApprovedInd
GA IND-CR SummaryIND-CR Summary WorksheetApprovedInd
GA IT-552Application for Tentative Carry-Back AdjustmentApproval PendingCorp
GA IT-560Individual/Fiduciary Payment VoucherApprovedFid,Ind
GA IT-560-CPayment of Income Tax/Net Worth Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
GA IT-CRNonresident Composite Tax ReturnApprovedPart
GA IT-QEE-TP2Qualified Education Expense Credit ComputationApprovedInd
GA PV-CORPCorporate Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
GA RD-1061Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
GA Sch 1 (500)Schedule 1 - Adjustments to IncomeApprovedInd
GA Sch 2 (500)Schedule 2 - Tax CreditsApprovedInd
GA Sch 3 (500)Schedule 3 - Part - Year NonresidentApprovedInd
HI L-72Request for Copies of Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
HI L-80Tracer RequestApprovedMisc
HI N-1Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
HI N-101AExtension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnApprovedInd
HI N-103Sale of Your Home (Attach to N-11 or N-15)ApprovedInd
HI N-109Tentative Refund from Carryback of NOLApprovedFid,Ind
HI N-11Individual Income Tax Return ResidentApprovedInd
HI N-139Moving ExpensesApprovedInd
HI N-15Individual Income Tax Return Nonresident/PY ResApprovedInd
HI N-152Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions from Retirement PlanApprovedFid,Ind
HI N-158Investment Interest Expense DeductionApprovedFid,Ind
HI N-163Fuel Tax Credit for Commercial FishersApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
HI N-168Income Averaging for Farmers and FishermenApprovedInd
HI N-20Partnership Return of Income, Schedule KApprovedPart
HI N-200VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
HI N-201VBusiness Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
HI N-210Underpayment of Estimated Tax - IndividualsApprovedFid,Ind
HI N-220Underpayment of Estimated Tax - CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
HI N-3Corporation Estimated Income Tax Payment VouchersApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
HI N-30Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
HI N-301Automatic Extension of Time to File ReturnApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
HI N-311Refundable Food/Excise Tax CreditApprovedInd
HI N-312Capital Goods Excise Tax CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
HI N-35S Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
HI N-379Request for Innocent Spouse ReliefApprovedMisc
HI N-40, N-40TFiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
HI N-405Tax on Accumulation Distribution TrustsApprovedFid
HI N-5Estimated Income Tax for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
HI N-615Computation of Tax for Children Under Age 14ApprovedInd
HI N-70NPExempt Organization Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
HI N-814Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsApprovedInd
HI N-848Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
HI Sch AMDSch AMD - Explanation of Changes on Amended ReturnApprovedInd
HI Sch CRSchedule CR - Schedule of Tax CreditsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Ind
HI Sch D (N-20)Schedule D (N-20) - Capital Gains and LossesApprovedPart
HI Sch D (N-35)Sch D (N-35) - Capital Gains/Losses/Built-in GainsApprovedS-Corp
HI Sch D (N-40)Schedule D (N-40) - Capital Gains and LossesApprovedExempt,Fid
HI Sch D N-30/N-70NPSch D (N-30/N-70NP) - Capital Gains and LossesApprovedCorp,Exempt
HI Sch D-1Schedule D-1 - Sales of Business PropertyApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
HI Sch K-1 (N-20)Partner's Share of Income, Credits, DeductionsApprovedInd,Part
HI Sch K-1 (N-35)Shareholder's Share of Income, Credits, DeductionsApprovedInd,S-Corp
HI Sch K-1 (N-40)Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedFid
HI Sch NS (N-35)S Corporation Agreement of Nonresident ShareholderApprovedS-Corp
HI Sch O (N-30)Sch O (N-30) - Allocation/Apportionment of IncomeApprovedCorp
HI Sch O, P (N-20)Allocation and Apportionment of Income (N-20)ApprovedPart
HI Sch P (N-30)Schedule P (N-30) - Apportionment FormulaApprovedCorp
HI Sch XSchedule X (N-11/N-15) - Tax Credits for ResidentsApprovedInd
IA 1040Individual Income Tax Long Form 41-001ApprovedInd
IA 1040ESIndividual Income Estimate Payment Voucher 45-002ApprovedInd
IA 1040VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher 41-137ApprovedInd
IA 1040XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 41-122ApprovedInd
IA 1040XVAmended Individual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
IA 1041, Sch CFiduciary Return 63-001, Computation of NR 63-003ApprovedFid
IA 1041-VFiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher 63-007ApprovedFid
IA 1065Partnership Return of Income 41-016ApprovedPart
IA 1120Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
IA 1120ESCorporate Estimate Tax Payment Voucher 45-004ApprovedCorp
IA 1120SIncome Tax Return for S Corporations 42-004ApprovedS-Corp
IA 1120VCorporate Income Tax Payment Voucher 42-019ApprovedCorp
IA 1120XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return 42-024ApprovedCorp
IA 126Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Credit SchedApprovedInd
IA 130Out-of-State Credit Computation 41-130ApprovedFid,Ind
IA 133New Jobs Tax Credit; Schedules A and B 41-133ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IA 148Tax Credits Schedule 41-148ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
IA 177Adoption Tax Credit 41-154ApprovedInd
IA 2210Underpayment of Estimate Tax 45-007ApprovedInd
IA 2210FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmer 45-008ApprovedInd
IA 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp
IA 2440Disability Income Exclusion 41-127ApprovedInd
IA 2848Power of Attorney Form 14-101ApprovedMisc
IA 4136Fuel Tax Credit 41-036ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IA 45-010Corporation Estimated TaxApprovedCorp
IA 4506Request for Copy of Tax Return 95-504ApprovedMisc
IA 4562ADepreciation Adjustment Schedule 41-105ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IA 4562BAccumulated Depreciation Adjustment Sch 41-105ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IA 4626, 8827Alternative Minimum Tax and CreditApprovedCorp
IA 6251Minimum Tax Computation 41-131ApprovedInd
IA 8453-INDIncome Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
IA 8801Alternative Minimum Tax Credit 41-009ApprovedInd
IA Sch A (1040)Itemized Deductions 41-004aApprovedInd
IA Sch AI (2210)Annualized Income Installment Method 45-011ApprovedInd
IA Sch B (1040)Interest and Dividend Income 41-029ApprovedInd
IA Sch D (1120)Corporation Sch D - Non Business IncomeApprovedCorp
IA Sch F, G (1120)Net Operating Loss and Alt Minimum Tax Loss 42-020ApprovedCorp
IA Sch I (1041)Alternative Minimum Tax - Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
IA Sch K1 (1065)Partners Share of Income, Deduction, ModificationsApprovedPart
IA Sch K1 (1120S)Shareholder Share of Income K-1 42-004ApprovedS-Corp
ID 39NR (43)Supplemental Schedule for Form 43 EFO00087ApprovedInd
ID 39R (40)Supplemental Schedule for Form 40 EFO00088ApprovedInd
ID 40Individual Income Tax Return EFO00089ApprovedInd
ID 40VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher EFO00090ApprovedInd
ID 41Corporation Income Tax Return EFO00025ApprovedCorp
ID 41ES (One)One Time Estimated Tax Payment Business TaxApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
ID 41ESRUnderpayment of Estimated Tax EFO00027ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
ID 41S, K1S Corporation Income Tax Return, K-1 EFO00201ApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
ID 42Apportionment and Combined Reporting AdjustmentsApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
ID 43Part-Year Res and Nonresident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
ID 44Business Income Tax Credits and Credit RecaptureApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 49, 49CInvestment Tax Credit, Invest Tax Credit CarryoverApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 49EElection to Claim Qualified Investment ExemptionApprovedInd
ID 49RRecapture of Investment Tax Credit EFO00033ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 51Estimated Payment Individual Income Tax EFO00092ApprovedInd
ID 56Net Operating Loss Carryforward/Carryback EFO00051ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
ID 65, K1Partnership Return of Income, K-1 EFO00035ApprovedPart
ID 66, K1Fiduciary Income Tax Return, K-1 EFO00036ApprovedFid
ID 67Credit for Research Activities EFO00037ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 68Broadband Equipment Investment Credit EFO00038ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 68RRecapture of Broadband Equipment Investment CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 75 (07/15)Fuels Use Report EFO00286ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 75-IMVFuels Tax Refund Worksheet Intrastate MotorVehicleApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 83Small Employer Investment Tax Credit EFO00011ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 83RRecapture of Small Employer Investment Tax CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 84Small Employer Real Property Improvement CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 84RRecapture of Small Employer Real Ppty ImprovementApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 85Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit EFO00017ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID 85RRecapture of Small Employer New Jobs Tax CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
ID CGCapital Gains Deduction EFO00093ApprovedInd
ID ITPVEORIT Payment Voucher E-Filed Original ReturnApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
ID K1 InputState K-1 Input WorksheetApprovedInd
ID POAPower of Attorney EFO00104ApprovedMisc
ID PTE-12Schedule for Pass-Through Owners EFO00241ApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
IL 1040Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
IL 1040-ESEstimated Income Tax Payment for IndividualsApprovedInd
IL 1040-VPayment Voucher for Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
IL 1040-XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
IL 1040-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
IL 1041Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedFid
IL 1041-VPayment Voucher for Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
IL 1041-XAmended Fiduciary Income/Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedFid
IL 1041-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
IL 1065Partnership Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedPart
IL 1065-VPayment Voucher for Partnership Replacement TaxApprovedPart
IL 1065-XAmended Partnership Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedPart
IL 1065-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Partnership TaxApprovedPart
IL 1120Corporation Income and Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
IL 1120-ESEstimated Income and Replacement Tax PaymentApprovedCorp,Exempt
IL 1120-STSmall Business Corporation Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
IL 1120-ST-VPayment Voucher for Small Business Corp TaxApprovedS-Corp
IL 1120-ST-XAmended Small Business Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
IL 1120-ST-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Small Business TaxApprovedS-Corp
IL 1120-VPayment Voucher for Corporation Income TaxApprovedCorp
IL 1120-XAmended Corporation Income/Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
IL 1120-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Corporation Income TaxApprovedCorp
IL 2210Computation of Penalties for IndividualsApprovedInd
IL 2220Computation of Penalties for BusinessesApprovedCorp
IL 2848Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
IL 4506Request for Copy of Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
IL 4562Special DepreciationApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IL 4644Gains from Sales of Employer's SecuritiesApprovedFid
IL 477Replacement Tax Investment CreditsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
IL 505-BAutomatic Extension PaymentApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
IL 505-I (1040)Automatic Extension Payment for IndividualsApprovedInd
IL 8453Individual Income Tax E-Filing DeclarationApprovedInd
IL 990-TExempt Organization Income/Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
IL 990-T-VPayment Voucher for Exempt Organization TaxApprovedExempt
IL 990-T-XAmended Exempt Org Income/Replacement Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
IL 990-T-X-VPayment Voucher for Amended Exempt OrganizationApprovedExempt
IL AG990-ILCharitable Organization Annual ReportApprovedExempt
IL CBS-1Notice of Sale, Purchase or Transfer of AssetsApprovedMisc
IL EFT-1Authorization Agreement for EFTApprovedMisc
IL Sch 1299-ATax Subtractions and CreditsApprovedPart,S-Corp
IL Sch 1299-BRiver Edge Redevelopment Zone/Foreign Trade ZoneApprovedCorp,Fid
IL Sch 1299-C (1040)Income Tax Subtractions and Credits (Individuals)ApprovedInd
IL Sch 1299-DIncome Tax Credits (for Corporations/Fiduciaries)ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid
IL Sch 4255Recapture of Investment Tax CreditsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IL Sch CR (1040)Credit for Tax Paid to Other StatesApprovedInd
IL Sch CR (1041)Credit for Tax Paid Other States (Residents Only)ApprovedFid
IL Sch D (1041)Beneficiary InformationApprovedFid
IL Sch G (1040)Voluntary Charitable DonationsApprovedInd
IL Sch ICR (1040)CreditsApprovedInd
IL Sch IL-EICEarned Income CreditApprovedInd
IL Sch J (1120)Foreign DividendsApprovedCorp
IL Sch K1-P/Sch BK-1-P - Partner's Share, Sch B, Sch K-1-P(3)ApprovedInd,Part,S-Corp
IL Sch K1-T (1041)K-1-T (1041) Beneficiary's Share Income, K-1-T(3)ApprovedFid,Ind
IL Sch MOther Additions and Subtractions for BusinessesApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
IL Sch M (1040)Other Additions and Subtractions for IndividualsApprovedInd
IL Sch NBNonbusiness IncomeApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
IL Sch NLD (1120)Net Loss DeductionApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
IL Sch NR (1040)Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Computation TaxApprovedInd
IL Sch NR (1041)Nonresident Computation of Fiduciary IncomeApprovedFid
IN 103Business Tangible Personal Property Long 11405ApprovedMisc
IN 103 ShortBusiness Tangible Personal Property Short 11274ApprovedMisc
IN 103-NNot Owned Personal Property 23000ApprovedMisc
IN 103-OOwned Personal Property 24057ApprovedMisc
IN 104Business Tangible Personal Property Return 10068ApprovedMisc
IN 106Adjustments to Business Tangible Property 12980ApprovedMisc
IN ES-40Estimated Tax Payment Form 46005ApprovedInd
IN IN-OPTElectronic Filing Opt-Out Declaration 53952ApprovedInd
IN IT-20Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax Return 44275ApprovedCorp
IN IT-20NPNonprofit Unrelated Business Income Tax Return 148ApprovedExempt
IN IT-20SS Corporation Income Tax Return 10814ApprovedS-Corp
IN IT-20XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return 438ApprovedCorp
IN IT-40Full-Year Resident Income Tax Return 154ApprovedInd
IN IT-40PNRPart or Full Year Nonresident Income Return 472ApprovedInd
IN IT-40RNRReciprocal Nonresident Income Tax Return 44406ApprovedInd
IN IT-40XAmended Individual Income Tax Return 44405ApprovedInd
IN IT-41, Sch K1Fiduciary Income Tax Return 11458, Schedule K1ApprovedFid,Ind
IN IT-41ESFiduciary Estimated Tax Payment Voucher 50217ApprovedFid
IN IT-41ES (Ext.)Fiduciary Extension Tax Payment Voucher 50217ApprovedFid
IN IT-6Corporate AGI Estimated Quarterly Returns 44462ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
IN IT-65Partnership Return 11800ApprovedPart
IN IT-8879Individual Declaration of Electronic Filing 53399ApprovedInd
IN IT-9Application for Extension of Time to File 21006ApprovedInd
IN PFC-INDIndividual Post Filing CouponApprovedInd
IN POA-1Power of Attorney 49357ApprovedMisc
IN SC-40Unified Tax Credit for the Elderly 44404ApprovedInd
IN Sch 1 (IT-40)Add-Backs (IT-40) 53995ApprovedInd
IN Sch 2 (IT-40)Deductions (Form IT-40) 53996ApprovedInd
IN Sch 3,4 (IT-40)Exemptions and Other TaxesApprovedInd
IN Sch 5, DONATECredits and IN-DONATE (IT-40) 53998ApprovedInd
IN Sch 6 (IT-40)Offset Credits (IT-40) 53999ApprovedInd
IN Sch 7 (IT-40)Additional Required Information 54000ApprovedInd
IN Sch A (IT-40PNR)Income or Loss Adjustments Income 48719ApprovedInd
IN Sch B (IT-40PNR)Add-Backs (IT-40PNR) 54030ApprovedInd
IN Sch C (IT-40PNR)Deductions (IT-40PNR) 54031ApprovedInd
IN Sch CC-40College Credit 20152ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
IN Sch CompositeEntity's Composite Adjusted Gross IncomeApprovedPart,S-Corp
IN Sch CT-40 (IT-40)County Tax Schedule for Full-Year Residents 47907ApprovedInd
IN Sch CT-40PNRCounty Tax Part/Full-Year Nonresidents 47906ApprovedInd
IN Sch D,E IT-40PNRExemptions and Other Taxes (Form IT-40PNR) 54032ApprovedInd
IN Sch E (IT-20/65)Apportionment of Income 49105ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
IN Sch E-7Apportionment for Interstate Transportation 49192ApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
IN Sch F,DONATE(PNR)Credits and IN-DONATE (Form IT-40NPR) 54033ApprovedInd
IN Sch G (IT-40PNR)Offset Credits (Form IT-40PNR) 54034ApprovedInd
IN Sch H (IT-40PNR)Residency, Additional Required Information 54035ApprovedInd
IN Sch IN-2058SPNR Military Spouse Earned Income Deduction 54259ApprovedInd
IN Sch IN-529CollegeChoice 529 Education Savings Credit 53385ApprovedInd
IN Sch IN-529RRecapture of CollegeChoice 529 Plan Credit 53386ApprovedInd
IN Sch IN-DEPAdditional Dependent Child Information 54815ApprovedInd
IN Sch IN-EDGEEconomic Dev for Growing Economy Credit 55327ApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IN Sch IN-EDGE-REconomic Dev for Growing Economy Ret Credit 55363ApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IN Sch IN-EICEarned Income Credit (IT-40/IT-40PNR) 49469ApprovedInd
IN Sch IN-OCCOther Certified CreditsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Ind,Part,S-Corp
IN Sch IT-20NOLCorporate Income Net Operating Loss Deduction 439ApprovedCorp,Exempt
IN Sch IT-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 46002ApprovedInd
IN Sch IT-2210AAnnualized Income for Underpayment Est Tax 48437ApprovedInd
IN Sch IT-2220Penalty for Underpayment of Corporate Tax 440ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
IN Sch IT-2440Disability Retirement Deduction 46003ApprovedInd
IN Sch IT-40NOLIndividual Tax Net Operating Loss ComputationApprovedInd
IN Sch K1(IT-20S/65)Shareholder/Partner Share of Adjusted Gross IncomeApprovedInd,Part,S-Corp
KS 200Local Intangibles Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,Ind
KS AR, AGAR 50 - For-Profit Corporate Annual Report and AGApprovedMisc
KS CR-108Notice of Business ClosureApprovedMisc
KS CR-18Ownership Change FormApprovedMisc
KS DO-10Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
KS K-120Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
KS K-120ASCorporation Apportionment ScheduleApprovedCorp
KS K-120ESCorporate Estimated Income Tax VouchersApprovedCorp
KS K-120EXExpensing Deduction ScheduleApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
KS K-120SPartnership or S Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
KS K-120S ASCorporation Apportionment ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
KS K-120VCorporate Income Tax VoucherApprovedCorp
KS K-210 (K-40)Underpayment of Estimated Tax (Individual)ApprovedInd
KS K-40Individual Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind
KS K-40ESIndividual Estimated Income Tax VoucherApprovedInd
KS K-40HHomestead ClaimApprovedInd
KS K-40PTProperty Tax Relief Claim for Low Income SeniorsApprovedInd
KS K-40VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
KS K-41, K-18Fiduciary Income Tax Return, Report of NR W/HApprovedFid
KS K-41VFiduciary Payment VoucherApprovedFid
KS K-47Adoption CreditApprovedInd
KS K-60Community Service Contribution CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
KS K-62Alternative-Fuel Tax Credit / Vehicle CreditApprovedCorp
KS K-88Owners Promoting Employment Across Kansas CreditApprovedInd
KS K-89Rural Opportunity Zone CreditApprovedInd
KS LPLimited Partnership Annual Report and AGApprovedMisc
KS RF-9Decedent Refund ClaimApprovedInd
KS Sch CR (K-40)Tax Credit ScheduleApprovedInd
KS Sch K-220 (K-120)Underpayment of Est. Tax (Corporate Income Tax)ApprovedCorp
KS Sch K-40CComposite Income Tax ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
KS Sch SSupplemental ScheduleApprovedInd
KY 12A018Offer in Settlement ApplicationApprovedMisc
KY 12A200Individual Tax Installment Agreement RequestApprovedInd
KY 2210-KUnderpayment of Estimated Tax 42A740-S1ApprovedInd
KY 2220-KUnderpayment and Late Payment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
KY 40A102Application Extension of Time to File Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Ind,Part
KY 41A720SLExtension to File Corporation or Pass-throughApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
KY 4972-KTax on Lump-Sum Distributions 42A740-S21ApprovedFid,Ind
KY 62A500Tangible Personal Property Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
KY 720Corporation Income Tax Return 41A720ApprovedCorp
KY 720-ESCorporation Estimated Tax Voucher 41A720ESApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
KY 720SS Corporation Income Tax Return 41A720SApprovedS-Corp
KY 725Single Member LLC Individually Owned LLET ReturnApprovedInd
KY 740Individual Income Tax Return 42A740ApprovedInd
KY 740-ESEstimated Tax Voucher 42A740-ESApprovedFid,Ind
KY 740-NPIncome Tax Return NR/Part-Year Resident 42A740-NPApprovedInd
KY 740-NP-RReturn Nonresident - Reciprocal State 42A740-NP-RApprovedInd
KY 740-VElectronic Payment Voucher 42A740-S23ApprovedInd
KY 740NP-WHNonresident Composite Income Tax Return 40A201ApprovedPart,S-Corp
KY 741Fiduciary Income Tax Return and Schedules 42A741ApprovedFid
KY 765Partnership Income and LLET Return 41A765ApprovedPart
KY 765-GPGeneral Partnership Income Return 42A765-GPApprovedPart
KY 8582-KPassive Activity Loss Limitations 42A740-S18ApprovedInd
KY 8863-KEducation Tuition Tax Credit 42A740-S24ApprovedInd
KY 8879-KIncome Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
KY 8903-KDomestic Production Activities Deduction 41A720-S9ApprovedCorp
KY 8948-KPreparer Explanation for Not Filing ElectronicallyApprovedInd
KY Louisville OL-3Occupational License Tax (Business/Ind Income)ApprovedInd
KY Louisville OL-3DQuarterly Net Profit Deposit FormApprovedInd
KY Louisville OL-3EExtension RequestApprovedInd
KY PTE-WHNonresident Income Tax W/H on Distributive IncomeApprovedInd,Part,S-Corp
KY Sch AApportionment and Allocation 41A720AApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
KY Sch A (740)Itemized Deductions 42A740-AApprovedInd
KY Sch A (740-NP)Itemized Deductions 42A740-NP-AApprovedInd
KY Sch COGSLimited Liability Entity Tax Cost of Goods SoldApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
KY Sch D (741)Capital Gains and LossesApprovedFid
KY Sch J (740)Farm Income Averaging 42A740-JApprovedInd
KY Sch K1 (720S)Shareholder's Share of Income, Credits, DeductionsApprovedS-Corp
KY Sch K1 (741)Beneficiary's Share of Income Deductions, CreditsApprovedFid
KY Sch K1 (765)Partner's Share of Income, Credits, DeductionsApprovedPart
KY Sch K1 (765-GP)Partner's Share of Income, Credits, DeductionsApprovedPart
KY Sch KNOLNet Operating Loss Schedule 42A740-KNOLApprovedFid,Ind
KY Sch KW-2Schedule KW-2 - Income Tax WithheldApprovedInd
KY Sch M (740)Adjusted Gross Income Modifications 42A740-MApprovedInd
KY Sch ME (740-NP)Moving Expense ReimbursementApprovedInd
KY Sch NOL (720)Net Operating Loss Schedule 41A720NOLApprovedCorp
KY Sch O-720Other Additions and Subtractions 41A720-OApprovedCorp
KY Sch O-PTEOther Additions and Subtractions to Federal IncomeApprovedPart,S-Corp
KY Sch P (740)Pension Income Exclusion 42A740-PApprovedFid,Ind
KY Sch TCSTax Credit Summary Schedule 41A720TCSApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
LA 8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
LA 8453-CCorporation Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedCorp,S-Corp
LA CIFT-620Corporation Income and Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
LA CIFT-620ESEstimated Tax Declaration Voucher for CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
LA CIFT-620EXTCorporation Tax E-Filed Extension Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
LA IT-540Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
LA IT-540BNonresident and Part-Year Resident Income TaxApprovedInd
LA IT-540ESEstimated Tax Declaration Voucher for IndividualsApprovedInd
LA IT-541Fiduciary IT Return; Schedules NRC, RC, A-EApprovedFid
LA IT-565, IT-565BPartnership Return and Apportionment ScheduleApprovedPart
LA R-10606Wkst Cr. Taxes Paid to Other States IT-540/IT-541ApprovedFid,Ind
LA R-19026Installment Request for Individual IncomeApprovedInd
LA R-20127Claim for Refund of OverpaymentApprovedMisc
LA R-20211Document Checklist for Offer in CompromiseApprovedMisc
LA R-20212AOffer in Compromise ApplicationApprovedMisc
LA R-20222Statement of Financial Condition for BusinessesApprovedMisc
LA R-20223Statement of Financial Condition for IndividualsApprovedMisc
LA R-210NRUnderpayment of Individual Income Tax PenaltyApprovedInd
LA R-210RUnderpayment of Individual Income Tax PenaltyApprovedInd
LA R-2868Individual Electronically Filed Extension VoucherApprovedInd
LA R-540VIncome Tax Electronic Filing Payment VoucherApprovedInd
LA R-6004Corporation Tax Electronic Filing Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
LA R-6410Legislation Recovery WorksheetApprovedInd
LA R-6411Legis Recovery Wksheet for Corp, Fid & Comp ReturnApprovedCorp,Fid
LA R-6463Extension of Time to File Partnership ReturnApprovedPart
LA R-6466Extension of Time to File Fiduciary ReturnApprovedFid
LA R-7006Power of Attorney / Declaration of RepresentativeApprovedMisc
MA 1Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MA 1-ESEstimated Tax Payment VouchersApprovedInd
MA 1-NR/PYNonresident / Part-Year Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MA 2Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
MA 2-ESEstimated Tax Payment VouchersApprovedFid
MA 2-PVFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
MA 2GGrantor's/Owner's Share of a Grantor-Type TrustApprovedFid
MA 3, Sch 3K-1Partnership Return of Income, Schedule 3K-1ApprovedPart
MA 355Business/Manufacturing Corporation Excise ReturnApprovedCorp
MA 355-7004Corporate Extension Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA 355-ESCorporate Estimated Tax Payment VouchersApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA 355-PVCorporate Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA 355SS Corporation Excise ReturnApprovedS-Corp
MA 3MReturn for Clubs and Other NonProfit OrganizationsApprovedExempt
MA D FAnnual Report - Domestic and Foreign CorporationsApprovedMisc
MA DR-1Office of Appeals FormApprovedMisc
MA EFOPersonal Income Tax Declaration of Paper FilingApprovedInd
MA M-1310Claimant to Refund on Behalf of Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
MA M-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedInd
MA M-2210FUnderpayment Estimated Income Tax for FiduciariesApprovedFid
MA M-2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
MA M-2848Power of Attorney / Declaration of RepresentativeApprovedMisc
MA M-4506Request for Copy of Tax FormApprovedMisc
MA M-4868Income Tax Extension Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MA M-8379Nondebtor Spouse Claim and AllocationApprovedInd
MA M-8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
MA M-8453CCorporate Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA M-8453FFiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedFid
MA M-8453PPartnership Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedPart
MA M-8736Fiduciary Extension Payment VoucherApprovedFid
MA M-990TUnrelated Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
MA M-990T-7004Unrelated Bus Income Tax Ext Payment VoucherApprovedExempt
MA PV (1)Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MA Sch B (1)Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains and LossesApprovedInd
MA Sch B (2)Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains and LossesApprovedFid
MA Sch B/R, 2K1 (2)Beneficiary/Remaindermen, Schedule 2K-1ApprovedFid
MA Sch C-2Excess Deductions Against Trade or Business IncomeApprovedInd
MA Sch C/C-1 (1)Profit or Loss from Business and COGSApprovedFid,Ind
MA Sch CBCircuit Breaker CreditApprovedInd
MA Sch CMSCredit Manager ScheduleApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MA Sch CRSCredit Recapture ScheduleApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MA Sch D (1)Long-Term Capital Gains and LossesApprovedInd
MA Sch D (2)Capital Gains and LossesApprovedFid
MA Sch D-ISLong-Term Capital Gains and LossesApprovedInd
MA Sch E (1/NR/PY)Sch E Reconciliation - Supplemental Income/LossApprovedInd
MA Sch E, F (2)Rental Income or Loss and Credit for Taxes PaidApprovedFid
MA Sch E-1 (1/NR/PY)E-1 - Rental Real Estate and Royalty Income/(Loss)ApprovedInd
MA Sch E-2 (1/NR/PY)E-2 - Partnership and S Corporation Income/(Loss)ApprovedInd
MA Sch E-3 (1/NR/PY)E-3 - Estate, Trust, REMIC and Farm Income/(Loss)ApprovedInd
MA Sch FSchedule F - Income Apportionment (Corporation)ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
MA Sch FAFSchedule FAF - Farming and Fisheries CreditApprovedInd
MA Sch HSch H - Investment Tax Credit and CarryoversApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
MA Sch H (2)Sch H (2) - Expenses and Fiduciary CompensationApprovedFid
MA Sch HC (1/NR/PY)Health Care Information and Continuation SheetApprovedInd
MA Sch IDD (2)Income Distribution DeductionApprovedFid
MA Sch INC (1)Form W-2 and 1099 InformationApprovedInd
MA Sch M-1Federal ReconciliationApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA Sch NOLNet Operating Loss CarryforwardApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA Sch NTS-L-NR/PYNo Tax Status and Limited Income CreditApprovedInd
MA Sch OJCIncome Tax Due to Other JurisdictionsApprovedInd
MA Sch R/NRResident / Nonresident WorksheetApprovedInd
MA Sch RCResearch CreditApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MA Sch S/SK1(355S)S Corporation Distributive Income, Schedule SK-1ApprovedS-Corp
MA Sch SCSeptic Credit - Repairing or ReplacingApprovedInd
MA Sch TDSTaxpayer Disclosure StatementApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MA Sch X,Y,DIOther Income, Deductions, Credits, Dependent InfoApprovedInd
MA UBI-ESEstimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedExempt
MD 1Annual Report and Personal Property ReturnApprovedMisc
MD 2Personal Property Tax Return - Sole ProprietorshipApprovedMisc
MD 500Corporation Income Tax Return Sch A B COM/RAD-001ApprovedCorp
MD 500CRBusiness Income Tax Credits COM/RAD 007ApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MD 500DDeclaration of Estimated Income Tax COM/RAD-002ApprovedCorp
MD 500DMDecoupling Modification COM/RAD-24ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MD 500EExtension of Time to File Corporation COM/RAD-003ApprovedCorp
MD 500UPUnderpayment of Estimated Income Tax COM/RAD-005ApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
MD 500XAmended Corporation Income Tax Return COM/RAD 066ApprovedCorp
MD 502Resident Income Tax Return COM/RAD-009ApprovedInd
MD 502BDependents' Information COM/RAD-026ApprovedInd
MD 502CRIncome Tax Credits for Individuals COM/RAD-012ApprovedFid,Ind
MD 502D, 502 DEPDeclaration of Estimated Income Tax COM/RAD-013ApprovedInd
MD 502EApplication for Extension to File ITR COM/RAD-014ApprovedInd
MD 502INJInjured Spouse Claim Form COM/RAD-070ApprovedInd
MD 502RRetirement Income COM/RAD-026ApprovedInd
MD 502SUSubtractions from Income COM/RAD-026ApprovedInd
MD 502TPComputation of Tax Preference Income COM/RAD-016ApprovedFid,Ind
MD 502UPUnderpayment of Estimated Income Tax COM/RAD 017ApprovedInd
MD 502VUse of Vehicle for Charitable Purposes COM/RAD-018ApprovedInd
MD 502XAmended Tax Return COM/RAD 019ApprovedInd
MD 504, K1Fiduciary Income Tax Return, K-1ApprovedFid
MD 504CRBusiness Income Tax Credits For FiduciariesApprovedFid
MD 504DFiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax COM/RAD-068ApprovedFid
MD 504EExtension to File Fiduciary Income Tax COM/RAD-056ApprovedFid
MD 504NRFiduciary Nonresident Income Tax CalculationApprovedFid
MD 504UPUnderpayment of Estimated Income Tax COM/RAD-302ApprovedFid
MD 505Nonresident Income Tax Return COM/RAD-022ApprovedInd
MD 505NRNonresident Income Tax Calculation COM/RAD-318ApprovedInd
MD 505SUNonresident Subtractions from Income COM/RAD-033ApprovedInd
MD 505XNonresident Amended Tax Return COM/RAD 022AApprovedInd
MD 510, K1Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return, K-1ApprovedPart,S-Corp
MD 510DPass-Through Entity Estimated Tax NR COM/RAD 073ApprovedPart,S-Corp
MD 510EExtension to File Pass-Through Entity COM/RAD 008ApprovedPart,S-Corp
MD 588Direct Deposit of Refund to More than One AccountApprovedInd
MD EL101Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
MD EL101BDeclaration for Business Electronic FilingApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
MD EL102BPayment Voucher for Business Electronic FilersApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
MD HTC-60Homeowners' Property Tax Credit App AT8-60HApprovedInd
MD IND PVIIT Payment Voucher COM/RAD-006ApprovedInd
MD K1 InputState K-1 Input WorksheetApprovedInd
MD RTC-60Renters' Tax Credit ApplicationApprovedInd
ME 1040ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment for IndividualsApprovedInd
ME 1040EXT-MEExtension Payment Voucher Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
ME 1040MEIndividual Income Tax Form, Sch 1-2, Sch PTFC/STFCApprovedInd
ME 1040ME-PVIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
ME 1041ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for Estates/TrustsApprovedFid
ME 1041MEIncome Tax Return for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
ME 1041ME-EXTExtension Payment Voucher for Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
ME 1120ES-MEEstimated Tax Payment Voucher for CorporationsApprovedCorp
ME 1120EXT-MEExtension Tax Payment Voucher for CorporationsApprovedCorp
ME 1120MECorporate Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
ME 1310MEPerson Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
ME 2210MEUnderpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
ME 2220MEUnderpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp
ME 2848-MEPower of AttorneyApprovedMisc
ME EFWAElectronic Funds Withdrawal AffirmationApprovedInd
ME Min Tx 1040 Sch AMinimum Tax Credit and Carryforward (Wkst 1040ME)ApprovedInd
ME Min Tx 1041 Sch AMinimum Tax Credit and Carryforward (Wkst 1041ME)ApprovedFid
ME NR Worksheets ABCNonresidency Information Worksheets A, B, CApprovedInd
ME Sch A (1040)Schedule A (1040ME) - Adjustments to TaxApprovedInd
ME Sch A (1041)Schedule A (1041ME) - Adjustments to TaxApprovedFid
ME Sch CP (1040)Charitable Contributions/Purchase of Park PassesApprovedInd
ME Sch NR (1040)Schedule for Calculating the Nonresident CreditApprovedInd
ME Sch NR (1041)Income Schedule for Nonresident Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
ME Sch NRH (1040)Nonresident Credit - Married Person Filing SingleApprovedInd
MI 1040, Sch 1Individual Income Tax Return and 3423 Schedule 1ApprovedInd
MI 1040-VIndividual Income Tax e-file Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MI 1040CRHomestead Property Tax Credit ClaimApprovedInd
MI 1040CR-2Homestead Property Tax Credit for Veterans/BlindApprovedInd
MI 1040CR-5Farmland Preservation Tax Credit ClaimApprovedInd
MI 1040CR-7Home Heating Credit Claim and 4976 SupplementalApprovedInd
MI 1040ESEstimated Individual Income Tax VoucherApprovedInd
MI 1040HSchedule of ApportionmentApprovedInd
MI 1041Fiduciary Income Tax Return, Schedules 1,2,3,4ApprovedFid
MI 1041D, 8949Adjustments of Capital Gains and LossesApprovedFid
MI 1041ESEstimated Voucher for Fiduciary/CompositeApprovedFid
MI 151Authorized Representative Declaration (POA)ApprovedMisc
MI 2210Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind
MI 3174Direct Deposit of RefundApprovedInd
MI 4Extension of Time to File Tax ReturnsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
MI 4013Resident Tribal Member Annual Sales Tax CreditApprovedInd
MI 4642Voluntary Contributions ScheduleApprovedInd
MI 4763E-file Authorization for Business Taxes MI-8879ApprovedCorp
MI 4833E-file Exceptions for Business TaxesApprovedCorp
MI 4884Pension Schedule and 4973 Continuation ScheduleApprovedInd
MI 4891Corporate Income Tax Annual ReturnApprovedCorp
MI 4892Corporate Income Tax Amended ReturnApprovedCorp
MI 4893CIT Small Business Alternative CreditApprovedCorp
MI 4894CIT Schedule of Shareholders and OfficersApprovedCorp
MI 4895CIT Loss Adjustment for Small Business Alt CreditApprovedCorp
MI 4898CIT Non-Unitary Relationship Flow-Through EntitiesApprovedCorp
MI 4899CIT Penalty/Interest Computation Underpaid Est TaxApprovedCorp
MI 4901 (CIT-V)e-file Annual Return Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
MI 4902CIT Schedule of Recapture Certain Bus Tax CreditsApprovedCorp
MI 4903CIT Withholding Opt-Out ScheduleApprovedCorp
MI 4911CIT Schedule of Flow-Through WithholdingApprovedCorp
MI 4913Corporate Income Tax Quarterly ReturnApprovedCorp
MI 5049Married Filing Separately, Divorced Claimants SchApprovedInd
MI 5118City of Detroit Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MI 5119City of Detroit Nonresident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MI 5120City of Detroit PY Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MI 5121City Withholding Tax Schedule, Continuation 5253ApprovedInd
MI 5122City Income Tax E-File Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MI 5123City Estimated Individual Income Tax VoucherApprovedInd
MI 5209Cty IT Return App for Extension to FileApprovedInd
MI 5338City Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedInd
MI 5472Direct Debit of Individual Income Tax PaymentApprovedInd
MI 8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for e-File 2808ApprovedInd
MI CF-1040Common City Individual ReturnApprovedInd
MI CF-1040ESCommon City Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MI CF-1040PVCommon City Income Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MI CF-1040XCommon City Amended Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MI CF-1040XPVCommon City Amended Income Tax VoucherApprovedInd
MI CF-1120Common City Corporation Income Tax FormApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MI CF-1120ESCommon City Corporation Estimated Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MI CF-1120PVCommon City Corporation Return Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MI CF-4868Common City Extension Time to File Individual ITRApprovedInd
MI CF-7004Common City Extension Time to File Business ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MI PH-1040Individual City Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MI PH-1040ESEstimated City Tax Payment VouchersApprovedInd
MI PH-1040XAmended Individual City Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MI PH-4868Extension of Time to File City Income TaxApprovedInd
MI Sch AMDAmended Return Explanation of ChangesApprovedInd
MI Sch CR-5 (1040)Schedule of Taxes and Allocation to Agreement 3820ApprovedInd
MI Sch L (PH-1040)Port Huron Multiple Tax Rate ScheduleApprovedInd
MI Sch NR (1040)Nonresident and Part-Year Resident ScheduleApprovedInd
MI Sch NR (1041)Fiduciary Nonresident ScheduleApprovedFid
MI Sch W (1040)Withholding Tax ScheduleApprovedInd
MI Sch W (1041)Fiduciary Withholding Tax Schedule 5029ApprovedFid
MN AFFAffiliations for Combined ReturnsApprovedCorp
MN AMTIAlternative Minimum Tax Calculation of IncomeApprovedCorp
MN AMTTAlternative Minimum Calculation of TaxApprovedCorp
MN AWCAlternative Withholding CertificateApprovedPart,S-Corp
MN BankBank Authorization for Direct DebitApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MN DIVDeduction for Dividends ReceivedApprovedCorp
MN EETPElectronic Estimated Tax PaymentsApprovedInd
MN ESTAdditional Charge - Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
MN ETPEmployer Transit Pass CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MN M1Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
MN M100Request for Copy of Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
MN M13Income Tax Extension PaymentApprovedInd
MN M14Individual Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedInd
MN M15CAdditional Charge - Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp
MN M18Corporation Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedCorp
MN M1PRHomestead Credit Refund and Renter Tax RefundApprovedInd
MN M1PRXAmended Homestead Credit and Property Tax RefundApprovedInd
MN M1XAmended Income TaxApprovedInd
MN M2, Sch KFIncome Tax Return for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid,Ind
MN M23Claim for a Refund for a Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
MN M2SBIncome Tax Computation for S Portion of ESBTApprovedFid
MN M2XAmended Income Tax Return for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
MN M3Partnership ReturnApprovedPart
MN M3AApportionment and Minimum FeeApprovedPart
MN M3XAmended Partnership Return Claim for RefundApprovedPart
MN M4Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
MN M45UBIT Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedExempt
MN M4AApportionment/Fee CalculationApprovedCorp
MN M4IIncome CalculationApprovedCorp
MN M4NPUnrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) ReturnApprovedExempt
MN M4NPAApportionment CalculationApprovedExempt
MN M4NPIIncome Adjustments, Deductions and CreditsApprovedExempt
MN M4RBusiness Activity ReportApprovedMisc
MN M4TTax CalculationApprovedCorp
MN M4XAmended Franchise Tax Return / Claim for RefundApprovedCorp
MN M60Income Tax Return PaymentApprovedInd
MN M63Amended Income Tax Return PaymentApprovedInd
MN M70Fiduciary Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedFid
MN M71Partnership Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedPart
MN M72S Corporation Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedS-Corp
MN M8S Corporation ReturnApprovedS-Corp
MN M8AApportionment and Minimum FeeApprovedS-Corp
MN M8XAmended S Corporation Return/Claim for RefundApprovedS-Corp
MN M99Credit for Military Service in a Combat ZoneApprovedInd
MN NOLNet Operating Loss DeductionApprovedCorp
MN PV40S Corporation Return PaymentApprovedS-Corp
MN PV41Corporation Return PaymentApprovedCorp
MN PV43Fiduciary Return PaymentApprovedFid
MN PV44Partnership Return PaymentApprovedPart
MN PV64Corporation Amended Return PaymentApprovedCorp
MN PV65S Corporation Amended Return PaymentApprovedS-Corp
MN PV80Corporation Extension PaymentApprovedCorp
MN PV81S Corporation Extension PaymentApprovedS-Corp
MN PV82Fiduciary Extension PaymentApprovedFid
MN PV83Partnership Extension PaymentApprovedPart
MN PV84UBIT Extension PaymentApprovedExempt
MN REV-185Authorization to Release Tax InformationApprovedMisc
MN REV184Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
MN Sch KPI/KPC (K1)Partner's Share of Income, Credits, ModificationsApprovedInd,Part
MN Sch KS (K1)Shareholder's Share of Income, CreditsApprovedInd,S-Corp
MN Sch M15Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedInd
MN Sch M1529Education Savings Account- Credit or SubtractApprovedInd
MN Sch M15NP(M4NP)Additional Charge Underpayment Estimated Tax - NPOApprovedExempt
MN Sch M1B (M1)Business and Investment CreditsApprovedInd
MN Sch M1C (M1)Other Nonrefundable CreditsApprovedInd
MN Sch M1CD (M1)Child and Dependent Care CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M1CR (M1)Credit for Income Tax Paid to Another StateApprovedInd
MN Sch M1ED (M1)K-12 Education CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M1HOMEFirst-Time Homebuyer Savings AccountApprovedInd
MN Sch M1LS (M1)Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionApprovedFid,Ind
MN Sch M1LTI (M1)Long-Term Care Insurance CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M1M (M1)Income Additions and SubtractionsApprovedInd
MN Sch M1MA (M1)Marriage CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M1MT (M1)Alternative Minimum TaxApprovedInd
MN Sch M1MTC (M1)Alternative Minimum Tax CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M1NCFederal AdjustmentsApprovedInd
MN Sch M1NR (M1)Nonresidents/Part-Year ResidentsApprovedInd
MN Sch M1R (M1)Age 65 or Older/Disabled SubtractionApprovedInd
MN Sch M1RCRCredit for Tax Paid to WisconsinApprovedInd
MN Sch M1REFRefundable CreditsApprovedInd
MN Sch M1SLCSchedule M1SLC - Student Loan CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M1W (M1)Income Tax WithheldApprovedInd
MN Sch M1WFCWorking Family CreditApprovedInd
MN Sch M2MTAlternative Minimum Tax for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
MO 1040Individual Income Tax Return - Long FormApprovedInd
MO 1040ESEstimated Tax Declaration for IndividualsApprovedInd
MO 1040VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MO 1041Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid
MO 1065, NRPPartnership Return of Income and NonRes PartnerApprovedPart
MO 1120Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
MO 1120ESDeclaration of Estimated Tax for Corporation TaxApprovedCorp
MO 1120S, NRSS Corp Income Tax and S Corp Nonresident FormApprovedS-Corp
MO 1120VCorporation Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
MO 1937Request for Photocopy of Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
MO 2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedInd
MO 2827Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
MO 4458Business Activity QuestionnaireApprovedMisc
MO 5090Net Operating Loss Addition Modification SheetApprovedCorp
MO 5632MOST - 529 College Savings Plan Direct DepositApprovedInd
MO 60Application for Extension of Time to FileApprovedFid,Ind,Part
MO 7004Extension of Time to File (Corporate Extension)ApprovedCorp
MO AIndividual Income Tax AdjustmentsApprovedInd
MO CRCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other StatesApprovedFid,Ind
MO CRPCertification of Rent PaidApprovedInd
MO FPTFood Pantry Tax CreditApprovedInd
MO HEAHome Energy Audit ExpenseApprovedInd
MO Kansas RD-108City of Kansas City Profits Return Earnings TaxApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MO Kansas RD-108BKansas City Profits Return Earnings Sch C, Y, ZApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MO Kansas RD-109Kansas City Wage Earner Return Earnings TaxApprovedInd
MO Kansas RD-109NRKansas City Wage Earner Nonresident ScheduleApprovedInd
MO NRFNonresident Fiduciary FormApprovedFid
MO NRIIncome PercentageApprovedInd
MO PTCProperty Tax Credit ClaimApprovedInd
MO PTSProperty Tax CreditApprovedInd
MO Sch 2220Corporation Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp
MO Sch CDividends Deduction Schedule MO-CApprovedCorp
MO Sch MS (1120)MO-MS Corporation Allocation/Apportionment Sch.ApprovedCorp
MO Sch MSSMO-MSS S Corporation Allocation/Apportionment SchApprovedPart,S-Corp
MO Sch NBI(MO-1120) Form MO-NBI - Nonbusiness Income SchApprovedCorp
MO St. Louis E-1Individual Earnings Tax Return (Resident/NR)ApprovedInd
MO St. Louis E-234City of St. Louis Earnings Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MO TCMiscellaneous Income Tax CreditsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part
MS 71-661Installment AgreementApprovedInd
MS 80-105Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MS 80-106Individual/Fiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid,Ind
MS 80-107Income / Withholding Tax ScheduleApprovedInd
MS 80-108Adjustments and ContributionsApprovedInd
MS 80-115 (8453)Individual Tax Declaration for E-Filing 8453-IITApprovedInd
MS 80-155Net Operating Loss Schedule (Individual Income)ApprovedInd
MS 80-160Tax Credit for Income Tax Paid One or More StatesApprovedInd
MS 80-205Non-Resident / Part-Year Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
MS 80-320Individual Income Tax Interest and PenaltyApprovedInd
MS 80-401Tax Credit Summary ScheduleApprovedFid,Ind
MS 80-491Individual Tax Statement of Additional DependentsApprovedInd
MS 81-110Fiduciary Income Tax Return for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
MS 81-132/81-131(K1)Fiduciary Sch K and Sch K-1 BeneficiariesApprovedFid
MS 83-105Corporate Income and Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
MS 83-110Corporate Franchise Tax ScheduleApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MS 83-120Balance Sheet Per BooksApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MS 83-122Net Taxable Income ScheduleApprovedCorp
MS 83-124Direct Accounting Income StatementApprovedCorp
MS 83-125Business Income Apportionment ScheduleApprovedCorp
MS 83-150Nonbusiness Income WorksheetApprovedCorp
MS 83-155Net Operating and Capital Loss Sch (Corporate)ApprovedCorp
MS 83-180Application for Automatic ExtensionApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
MS 83-300 (Est)Corporate Income Tax Voucher - EstimateApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MS 83-305Underestimate of Corporate Income Tax WorksheetApprovedCorp,S-Corp
MS 83-310Summary of Net Income ScheduleApprovedCorp
MS 83-401Tax Credit Summary ScheduleApprovedCorp
MS 84-105Pass-Through Entity Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-122Net Taxable Income ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-124Direct Accounting Income StatementApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-125Business Income Apportionment ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-131/84-132(K1)Schedule K and Schedule K-1 (Pass-Through Entity)ApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-150Nonbusiness Income WorksheetApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-155Net Operating Loss ScheduleApprovedS-Corp
MS 84-300Pass-Through Entity Income Tax VoucherApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 84-401Tax Credit Summary Schedule (Pass-Through Entity)ApprovedPart,S-Corp
MS 8453-CCorporate Income Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedCorp
MS 8453-PTEPass-Through Entity Declaration for E-FilingApprovedPart,S-Corp
MT 2Individual Income Tax Return, Schs I - VI and VIIIApprovedInd
MT 2441-MChild and Dependent Care Expense DeductionApprovedInd
MT 2ECElderly Homeowner/Renter CreditApprovedInd
MT CCCollege Contribution CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MT CITCorporate Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
MT CIT-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationApprovedCorp
MT CLT-4S, K1S Corporation Information and Composite Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
MT CTCorporate Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
MT ENRG-BAlternative Energy System CreditApprovedFid,Ind
MT ENRG-CEnergy Conservation Installation CreditApprovedInd
MT EST-IUnderpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
MT ETMEnrolled Tribal Member Exempt Income ReturnApprovedInd
MT FIDEstate or Trust Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
MT FID-3/Sch K1Income Tax Return for Estates Trusts, K-1ApprovedFid
MT HIHealth Insurance for Uninsured CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
MT ITIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
MT MT-RReciprocity Exemption from W/H for ND ResidentsApprovedMisc
MT NOL Sch A,B,C,DNet Operating LossApprovedInd
MT PRPartnership Tax Payment VoucherApprovedPart
MT PR-1,K1Partnership Information and Composite Tax ReturnApprovedPart
MT PT-AGRPass-Through Entity Owner Tax AgreementApprovedPart,S-Corp
MT QECQualified Endowment CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
MT SBSmall Business Corporation Tax Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
MT Sch C (CIT)Schedule C - Tax CreditsApprovedCorp
MT Sch K (CIT)Apportionment Factors for Multi-State TaxpayersApprovedCorp
NC 40Individual Estimated Income TaxApprovedInd
NC 478Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of TaxApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NC 478 SchPass-Through Schedule for NC-478 SeriesApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NC 478GTax Credit Investing in Renewable Energy PropertyApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NC 478JTax Credit Creating JobsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NC 478KTax Credit Investing in Business PropertyApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NC 478LTax Credit Investing in Real PropertyApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NC BNOut-of-Business NotificationApprovedMisc
NC CD-401S, K1S Corporation Tax Return, K-1ApprovedS-Corp
NC CD-405C Corporation Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp
NC CD-419Corporate Income and Franchise Tax ExtensionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NC CD-425Corporate Tax Credit SummaryApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NC CD-429Corporation Estimated Income TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NC CD-429BUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by C-CorporationsApprovedCorp
NC CD-VCorporate Income and Franchise Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NC CD-V (Amended)Amended Corporate Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NC D-400Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NC D-400TCIndividual Income Tax CreditsApprovedInd
NC D-400VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
NC D-400V (Amended)Amended Individual Income Payment VoucherApprovedInd
NC D-403, K1Partnership Income Tax Return, Sch K-1ApprovedPart
NC D-403TCPartnership Tax Credit SummaryApprovedPart
NC D-407, D-407TC,K1Estates, Trusts Income Tax Return, K-1ApprovedFid
NC D-410Extension for Filing Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NC D-410PExtension for Filing Partnership, Estate, or TrustApprovedFid,Part
NC D-422Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsApprovedInd
NC D-422AAnnualized Income Installment WorksheetApprovedInd
NC EDUNC Education Endowment Fund ContributionApprovedInd
NC GEN-58Power of Attorney / Declaration of RepresentativeApprovedMisc
NC NA (401S)Nonresident Shareholder AgreementApprovedS-Corp
NC Sch AMD-400 Schedule AM - Amended ScheduleApprovedInd
NC Sch PN (D-400)Part-Year Resident and Nonresident ScheduleApprovedInd
NC Sch S (D-400)D-400 Schedule S - Supplemental ScheduleApprovedInd
ND 1Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
ND 1-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - IndividualsApprovedInd
ND 1EXTIndividual Extension Payment VoucherApprovedInd
ND 1PRVPaper Return Payment Voucher - IndividualsApprovedInd
ND 1VElectronic Return Payment Voucher - IndividualsApprovedInd
ND 38, Sch K1Fiduciary Income Tax Return, K-1ApprovedFid
ND 38-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - Estate or TrustApprovedFid
ND 38-EXTFiduciary Extension Payment VoucherApprovedFid
ND 38-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Tax for Estates, TrustsApprovedFid
ND 40Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
ND 40-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - CorporationApprovedCorp
ND 40-EXTExtension Tax Payment Voucher - CorporationApprovedCorp
ND 40-PVCorporation Return Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
ND 40-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedCorp
ND 40XAmended Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
ND 500Authorization to Disclose Tax Info and DesignationApprovedMisc
ND 58, Sch K1Partnership Income Tax Return, K-1ApprovedPart
ND 58-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - PartnershipApprovedPart
ND 58-EXTExtension Tax Payment Voucher - PartnershipApprovedPart
ND 58-PVPartnership Return Payment VoucherApprovedPart
ND 60, Sch K1S Corporation Income Tax Return / Schedules, K-1ApprovedS-Corp
ND 60-ESEstimated Tax Payment Voucher - S CorporationApprovedS-Corp
ND 60-EXTExtension Tax Payment Voucher - S CorporationApprovedS-Corp
ND 60-PVS Corporation Return Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
ND Sch 1CR (1)Credit for Income Tax Paid to Another StateApprovedInd
ND Sch 1FA (1)Calculation of Tax Under 3-Year Averaging MethodApprovedInd
ND Sch 1FC (1)Family Member Care Tax CreditApprovedInd
ND Sch 1NR (1)Tax Calculation NonRes and Part-Year ResidentsApprovedInd
ND Sch 1SA (1)Statutory AdjustmentsApprovedInd
ND Sch 1TC (1)Tax CreditsApprovedInd
ND Sch 1UTUnderpayment of Estimated Income TaxApprovedInd
NE 1040NIndividual Income Tax Return 8-417ApprovedInd
NE 1040N-ESEstimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers 8-014ApprovedInd
NE 1040N-VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher 8-549ApprovedInd
NE 1040XNAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NE 1041NFiduciary Income Tax Return, Sch K-1N 8-424ApprovedFid
NE 1065NReturn of Partnership Income, SchsApprovedPart
NE 1065N-VPartnership Return of Payment Voucher 8-764-2017ApprovedPart
NE 1120-SNS Corporation Income Tax Return, Sch K-1NApprovedS-Corp
NE 1120NCorporation Income Tax Return 8-270ApprovedCorp
NE 1120N-ESCorporation Estimated Tax Payment Voucher 8-013ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NE 1120N-VCorporation Income Tax Payment Voucher 8-763-2017ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NE 1120XNAmended Corporation Income Tax Return, SchedulesApprovedCorp
NE 12NNonresident Income Tax Agreement 8-065-2015ApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
NE 1310NRefund Due a Deceased Person 8-226-1972ApprovedInd
NE 21Request for Abatement of Penalty 7-103-1975ApprovedMisc
NE 22Change Request 7-104-1975ApprovedMisc
NE 2210NIndividual Underpayment of Estimated Tax 8-237ApprovedInd
NE 2220NCorporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax 8-238ApprovedCorp
NE 22AChange of Address Request for Individual TaxApprovedMisc
NE 23Tax Return Copy Request 7-136-1977ApprovedMisc
NE 2441NChild and Dependent Care Expenses 8-618-2016ApprovedInd
NE 33Power of Attorney 7-139-1978ApprovedMisc
NE 4466NCorporation Application for Adjustment 8-390ApprovedCorp
NE 4868NExtension of Time to File a Individual Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NE 7004NAutomatic Extension of Time to FileApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
NE 8-552Corporation Net Operating Loss WorksheetApprovedCorp
NE 8-664E-file Opt-Out Record for IndividualsApprovedInd
NE NOLNet Operating Loss Worksheet and Schedule IApprovedInd
NE Sch I-III (1040N)Adjustment to Income, Credit for Tax Paid 8-418ApprovedInd
NH 1040Business Profits Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NH 1040-ESEstimated Proprietorship Business TaxApprovedInd
NH 1041Fiduciary Business Profits Tax ReturnApprovedFid
NH 1041-ESEstimated Fiduciary Business TaxApprovedFid
NH 1065Partnership Business Profits Tax ReturnApprovedPart
NH 1065-ESEst Partnership Tax - Quarterly PaymentApprovedPart
NH 1120Corporation Business Profits Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NH 1120-ESEstimated Corp Tax - Quarterly PaymentApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NH ADDLINFOBusiness Profits Tax Return Additional InformationApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NH BETBusiness Enterprise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH BET-80Business Enterprise Tax ApportionmentApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH BT-EXTExtension of Time to File Business Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH BT-SUMMARYBusiness Tax Return SummaryApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH DP-10Interest and Dividends Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NH DP-10-ESEstimated Interest and Dividends TaxApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NH DP-120Computation of S Corporation Gross Business ProfitApprovedS-Corp
NH DP-132Net Operating Loss (NOL) DeductionApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH DP-160Schedule of CreditsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH DP-2210/2220Penalty for the Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH DP-2848Power of Attorney (POA)ApprovedMisc
NH DP-59-AExtension to File Interest and Dividends ReturnApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NH DP-80Business Profits Tax ApportionmentApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NH DP-9Small Business Corporation Information ReportApprovedS-Corp
NJ 1040Income Tax Resident ReturnApprovedInd
NJ 1040-ESGross Income Tax Declaration of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
NJ 1040-OE-File Opt-Out Request FormApprovedFid,Ind
NJ 1040-SC (2017)Payment on Behalf of Nonconsenting ShareholdersApprovedS-Corp
NJ 1040-V, NR-VGross Income Tax Payment Voucher and 1040NR-VApprovedInd
NJ 1040NRIncome Tax - Nonresident ReturnApprovedInd
NJ 1040XAmended Income Tax Resident ReturnApprovedInd
NJ 1041, Sch NJK1Gross Income Tax Fiduciary Return and SchedulesApprovedFid
NJ 1041-VGross Income Tax Fiduciary Payment VoucherApprovedFid
NJ 1065, K1Partnership Return, Partners Directory, Sch NJK-1ApprovedInd,Part
NJ 1065-VGross Income Tax Partnership Payment VoucherApprovedPart
NJ 1065ECorporate Partner's Statement - Exempt CorpApprovedPart
NJ 2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
NJ 2450Employee's Claim for Credit UI/WF/SWF, DisabilityApprovedInd
NJ 500 NOL (2017)Computation of the NOL DeductionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ 501Domestic Production Activities DeductionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ 501-GITDomestic Production Activities DeductionApprovedFid,S-Corp
NJ 630-VExtension of Time to File Gross Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Ind
NJ 8879E-file Signature AuthorizationApprovedInd
NJ CBT-100 (2017)Corporation Business Tax for 07/17-06/18ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ CBT-100-V (2017)Corporation Business Tax - Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ CBT-100S (2017)S Corporation Business Tax for 07/17-06/18ApprovedS-Corp
NJ CBT-100S-V (2017)S Corporation Business Tax - Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
NJ CBT-1065, Sch TCorporation Business Tax - Partnership ReturnApprovedPart
NJ CBT-150C/150S 17Corporation Business Tax Estimated Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ CBT-160-A (2017)Underpayment of Estimated Tax Less than 50 MillionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ CBT-160-B (2017)Underpayment of Estimated Tax - 50 Million or MoreApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ CBT-160-PUnderpayment of Estimated Partnership TaxApprovedPart
NJ CBT-200-TC/TS 17CBT Tentative Return and Extension of Time to FileApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ CBT-206Partnership Extension of Time to File NJ CBT-1065ApprovedPart
NJ CBT-2553S Corporation / (QSSS) Election and CertificationApprovedMisc
NJ CBT-VCBT Partnership Payment VoucherApprovedPart
NJ CRI-150-ILong-Form Initial Registration/VerificationApprovedExempt
NJ CRI-200Short Form Registration / Verification StatementApprovedExempt
NJ CRI-300R/300RCLong-Form Renewal Registration/VerificationApprovedExempt
NJ M-5008-RAppointment of Taxpayer RepresentativeApprovedMisc
NJ PART-200-TPartnership Extension of Time to File NJ 1065ApprovedPart
NJ PTR-1Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement)ApprovedMisc
NJ PTR-1AHomeowners Verification of Property TaxesApprovedMisc
NJ PTR-1BMobile Home Owners Verification of Site FeesApprovedMisc
NJ Sch A (1065)Schedule A - Tiered PartnershipsApprovedPart
NJ Sch AB (1040)Gross Income Tax Schedules A and BApprovedInd
NJ Sch B (1065)Schedule B - Sheltered Workshop Tax CreditApprovedPart
NJ Sch BUS-1 (1040)Business Income Summary ScheduleApprovedInd
NJ Sch BUS-1 (1041)Business Income Summary ScheduleApprovedFid
NJ Sch BUS-1 1040NRBusiness Income Summary ScheduleApprovedInd
NJ Sch BUS-2 (1040)Alternative Business Calculation AdjustmentApprovedInd
NJ Sch BUS-2 (1041)Alternative Business Calculation AdjustmentApprovedFid
NJ Sch BUS-2 1040NRAlternative Business Calculation AdjustmentApprovedInd
NJ Sch E (1041)Income of Nonresident Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
NJ Sch I (CBT) 2017Schedule I (CBT) - Certification of InactivityApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NJ Sch J (1065)Schedule J - Corporation Allocation ScheduleApprovedPart
NJ Sch K1 (100S)2017K-1 Shareholder's Share of Income / LossApprovedInd,S-Corp
NJ Sch L (1065)Schedule L - Complete LiquidationApprovedPart
NJ Sch NR-ASchedule NR-A - Business Allocation ScheduleApprovedFid,Part
NJ Sch OComputation of Non-Operational ActivityApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NM ACD-31015Application for Business Tax Identification NumberApprovedMisc
NM CIT A-DApportioned Income for Multistate CorporationsApprovedCorp
NM CIT-1Corporate Income and Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
NM CIT-3Corporate Child Care Credit; Schedules A and BApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NM CIT-CRTax Credit ScheduleApprovedCorp
NM CIT-ESCorporate inc. / Franchise Est. Tax Pmnt VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NM CIT-EXTCorporate Income/Franchise Tax Extension VoucherApprovedCorp
NM CIT-PVCorporate Income and Franchise Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
NM FID-1Fiduciary Income Tax Return and Sch 1 and 2ApprovedFid
NM FID-CRTax Credit ScheduleApprovedFid
NM FID-ESFiduciary Income Estimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
NM FID-EXTFiduciary Income Tax Extension Payment VoucherApprovedFid
NM FID-PVFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
NM PIT-1, PIT-ADJPersonal Income Tax, Sch of Additions, DeductionsApprovedInd
NM PIT-8453Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
NM PIT-BAllocation and Apportionment of Income ScheduleApprovedInd
NM PIT-CRBusiness-Related Income Tax Credit ScheduleApprovedInd
NM PIT-DVoluntary Contributions ScheduleApprovedInd
NM PIT-ESPersonal Income Estimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
NM PIT-EXTPersonal Income Tax Extension Payment VoucherApprovedInd
NM PIT-PVPersonal Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
NM PIT-RCRebate and Credit ScheduleApprovedInd
NM PIT-SSchedule of Dependent Exemptions in Excess of FiveApprovedInd
NM PIT-XPersonal Income Tax Amended ReturnApprovedInd
NM PIT-ZPIT-1 Addendum FormApprovedInd
NM PTEInformation Return for Pass-Through EntitiesApprovedPart
NM PTE-PVPass-Through Entity Penalty Payment VoucherApprovedPart
NM RPD-41096Application for Extension of Time to FileApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NM RPD-41272Estimated Personal Income Tax Underpayment PenaltyApprovedInd
NM RPD-41285Annual Statement of W/H of Oil and Gas ProceedsApprovedInd
NM RPD-41338Waiver for Preparers Electronic Filing RequirementApprovedInd
NM RPD-41353Owner's/Remittee's Agreement to Pay WithholdingApprovedPart
NM RPD-41367Annual Withholding from a Pass-Through, RPD-41359ApprovedInd,Part,S-Corp
NM RPD-41369Net Operating Loss Carryforward ScheduleApprovedInd
NM S-CORPSub-Chapter S Corp Income and Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
NM S-Corp-CRTax Credit ScheduleApprovedS-Corp
NM S-Corp-ESIncome and Franchise Tax Estimated Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
NM S-Corp-EXTIncome and Franchise Tax Extension Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
NM S-Corp-PVIncome and Franchise Tax Payment VoucherApprovedS-Corp
NY CHAR500Annual Filing Charitable Organizations, Sch 4a, 4bApprovedExempt
NY CT-13Unrelated Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
NY CT-2Corporation Tax Return SummaryApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
NY CT-200-VPayment Voucher for E-Filed Returns and ExtensionsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-222Underpayment of Estimated Tax by a CorporationApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-225New York State ModificationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-247Exemption from Corporation Franchise TaxesApprovedMisc
NY CT-2658-EExemption from Partnership Estimated Tax PaidApprovedPart
NY CT-2658/2658-ATTReport of Estimated Tax for Corporate PartnersApprovedPart
NY CT-3General Business Corporation Franchise TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-3-MGeneral Business MTA Surcharge ReturnApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-3-SS Corporation Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
NY CT-3.3Prior Net Operating Loss Conversion SubtractionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-3.4Net Operating Loss Deduction (NOLD)ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-300First Installment of Estimated Tax - CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-34-SHS Corporation Shareholders Information ScheduleApprovedS-Corp
NY CT-399Depreciation Adjustment ScheduleApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-400Estimated Tax for CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
NY CT-43Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax CreditApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-46Claim for Investment Tax CreditApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-5Request for Six-Month Extension to FileApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
NY CT-5.1Additional Extension of Time to FileApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
NY CT-5.4Request for Six-Month Extension for S CorporationApprovedS-Corp
NY CT-501Temporary Deferral Nonrefundable Payout CreditApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-6Election by a Federal S CorporationApprovedMisc
NY CT-6.1Termination of Election to be a NY S CorporationApprovedMisc
NY CT-60Affiliated Entity Information ScheduleApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY CT-600Ordering of Corporation Tax CreditsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY DTF-505Authorization for Release of PhotocopiesApprovedMisc
NY DTF-95Business Tax Account UpdateApprovedMisc
NY DTF-96Report of Address Change for Business Tax AccountsApprovedMisc
NY ET-117Release of Lien of Estate Tax - Real PropertyApprovedEstate
NY ET-130 (04/14)Tentative Payment of Estate TaxApprovedEstate
NY ET-133 (04/14)Extension of Time to File and/or Pay Estate TaxApprovedEstate
NY ET-14Estate Tax Power of AttorneyApprovedEstate
NY ET-141Estate Tax Domicile AffidavitApprovedEstate
NY ET-30Application for Release(s) of Estate Tax LienApprovedEstate
NY ET-415 (04/14)Deferred Payment Estate Tax DOD on or after 4/1/14ApprovedEstate
NY ET-706 (04/16)Estate Tax Return for DOD (4/1/16 thru 3/31/17)ApprovedEstate
NY ET-706 (04/17)Estate Tax Return for DOD (4/1/17 thru 12/31/18)ApprovedEstate
NY ET-85 (04/14)Estate Tax Certification DOD (on or after 4/1/14)ApprovedEstate
NY IT-1099-RSummary Federal Form 1099-R StatementsApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-112-CResident Credit for Taxes Paid to CanadaApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-112-RState Resident CreditApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-112.1Credit for Separate Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsApprovedInd
NY IT-119STAR Credit Advance Payment ReconciliationApprovedInd
NY IT-182Passive Activity Loss Limitations for NR/Part-YearApprovedInd
NY IT-195Allocation of Refund (IT-201 or IT-203)ApprovedInd
NY IT-2Summary of W-2 Statements - NY - NYC - YonkersApprovedInd
NY IT-201Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NY IT-201-ATTOther Tax Credits and TaxesApprovedInd
NY IT-201-DResident Itemized Deduction ScheduleApprovedInd
NY IT-201-VPayment Voucher for Income Tax ReturnsApprovedInd
NY IT-201-XAmended Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NY IT-203Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income TaxApprovedInd
NY IT-203-ABusiness Allocation ScheduleApprovedInd
NY IT-203-ATTOther Tax Credits and TaxesApprovedInd
NY IT-203-BNonresident / Part-Year Resident Income AllocationApprovedInd
NY IT-203-CNR or Part-Year Resident Spouse's CertificationApprovedInd
NY IT-203-DNonresident and Part-Year Itemized DeductionApprovedInd
NY IT-203-XAmended Nonresident and Part-Year Resident IncomeApprovedInd
NY IT-204, IT-204.1Partnership Return and Corporate Partners Sch KApprovedPart
NY IT-204-CP, IP K1Corporate Partner's Sch K-1 and Partner's Sch K-1ApprovedPart
NY IT-204-LLPartnership/LLC/LLP Filing Fee PaymentApprovedInd,Part,S-Corp
NY IT-205Fiduciary Income Tax Return - NY - NYC - YonkersApprovedFid
NY IT-205-AFiduciary Allocation and SchedulesApprovedFid
NY IT-205-CResident Trust Nontaxable CertificationApprovedFid
NY IT-205-TAllocation of Estimated Payments to BeneficiariesApprovedFid
NY IT-205-VPayment Voucher for Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnsApprovedFid
NY IT-209Claim for Noncustodial Parent Earned Income CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-2105 (Ind)Estimated Tax Payment Voucher for Ind (Filers)ApprovedInd
NY IT-2105.9Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Indiv/FiduciariesApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-2106Estimated Tax Payment Voucher - FiduciariesApprovedFid
NY IT-212Investment Credit (IT-201, IT-203, IT-204, IT-205)ApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NY IT-212-ATTClaim for Historic Barn Rehabilitation CreditApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NY IT-213/IT-213-ATTClaim for Empire State Child CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-214Claim for Real Property Tax Credit for HomeownersApprovedInd
NY IT-215Claim for Earned Income Credit - NY - NYCApprovedInd
NY IT-216Claim for Child and Dependent Care CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-217Claim for Farmers School Tax CreditApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-219Credit for NYC Unincorporated Business TaxApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-225State ModificationsApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NY IT-230Separate Tax on Lump Sum DistributionsApprovedFid,Ind
NY IT-241Claim for Clean Heating Fuel CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-245Volunteer Firefighters / Ambulance Workers CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-249Claim for Long-Term Care Insurance CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-250Credit for Purchase of an External DefibrillatorApprovedInd
NY IT-255Claim for Solar Energy System Equipment CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-256Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-258Claim for Nursing Home Assessment CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-2658-EExemption from Estimated Tax Paid on Behalf of NRApprovedPart,S-Corp
NY IT-2658/MTA/NYSEstimated Tax for Nonresident IndividualsApprovedPart,S-Corp
NY IT-2659Estimated Tax Penalty for Partnerships and S CorpsApprovedPart,S-Corp
NY IT-272Claim for College Tuition Credit or DeductionApprovedInd
NY IT-280Nonobligated Spouse AllocationApprovedInd
NY IT-285Request for Innocent Spouse ReliefApprovedMisc
NY IT-360.1Change of City Resident Status - NYC - YonkersApprovedInd
NY IT-370Six-Month Extension of Time to File - IndividualsApprovedInd
NY IT-370-PFExtension to File for Partnerships and FiduciariesApprovedFid,Part
NY IT-398Depreciation for IRC Section 168(k) PropertyApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NY IT-399New York State Depreciation ScheduleApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NY IT-601Claim for EZ Wage Tax Credit Including the ZEAApprovedInd
NY IT-603Claim for EZ Investment Tax CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-604Claim for QEZE Tax Reduction CreditApprovedInd
NY IT-606Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property TaxesApprovedInd
NY IT-647/ATTFarm Workforce Retention Credit and AttachmentApprovedInd
NY NYC-1127Return for Nonresident Employees of NYCApprovedInd
NY NYC-2Business Corporation Tax Return - C CorporationsApprovedCorp
NY NYC-2.3Prior Net Operating Loss Conversion SubtractionApprovedCorp
NY NYC-2.4Net Operating Loss Deduction (NOLD)ApprovedCorp
NY NYC-2.5Computation of Receipts FactorApprovedCorp
NY NYC-200VNew York City - Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NY NYC-202Unincorporated Business Tax Return - IndividualsApprovedInd
NY NYC-202EINUnincorporated Business Tax Return Estates/TrustsApprovedFid
NY NYC-204Unincorporated Business Tax for PartnershipsApprovedPart
NY NYC-208Claim for NYC Enhanced Real Property Tax CreditApprovedInd
NY NYC-221Underpayment Estimated Unincorporated Business TaxApprovedFid,Ind,Part
NY NYC-222Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY NYC-245Activities Report of Business / CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY NYC-300Mandatory First Installment by C CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY NYC-399Schedule of Depreciation AdjustmentsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NY NYC-399ZDepreciation Adjustments for Certain PropertyApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NY NYC-3LGeneral Corporation Tax Return - S CorporationsApprovedS-Corp
NY NYC-400Estimated Tax by Business/General CorpApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY NYC-4SGeneral Corporation Tax Return - S CorporationsApprovedS-Corp
NY NYC-579-CORSignature Authorization for E-Filed Business CorpApprovedCorp
NY NYC-579-GCTAuthorization for E-Filed General Corp Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
NY NYC-579-UBTIAuthorization for E-Filed UBT Return - IndividualsApprovedInd
NY NYC-579-UBTPAuthorization for E-Filed UBT Return - PartnershipApprovedPart
NY NYC-5UBPartnership Estimated Unincorporated TaxApprovedPart
NY NYC-5UBTIEstimated Unincorporated Business TaxApprovedFid,Ind
NY NYC-ATT-S-CORPCalculation of Federal Taxable Income for S CorpApprovedS-Corp
NY NYC-EXTAutomatic Extension of TimeApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
NY NYC-EXT.1Application for Additional ExtensionApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY NYC-NOLD-GCTNOLD Computation - General Corporation TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY NYC-NOLD-UBTINOLD Computation for UBT Individuals/Single-MemberApprovedFid,Ind
NY NYC-NOLD-UBTPNOLD Computation for UBT for Partnerships (LLCs)ApprovedPart
NY POA-1Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
NY TR-573-CTE-File Notice Corporation TaxpayerApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY TR-573.2E-File Notice Professional ProductsApprovedInd
NY TR-579-CTE-File Signature Authorization Corporation TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY TR-579-ITE-File Signature Authorization Personal Income TaxApprovedInd
NY TR-579-PTE-File Signature Authorization IT-204, IT-204-LLApprovedPart
NY TR-579.1-CTElectronic Funds Withdrawal Corporation Tax ExtApprovedCorp,S-Corp
NY TR-579.1-ITElectronic Funds Withdrawal for IT-370 and IT-2105ApprovedInd
NY TR-579.2-ITE-File Signature Authorization for Form IT-205ApprovedFid
NY TR-579.3-ITElectronic Funds Withdrawal IT-370-PF and IT-2106ApprovedFid
NY Y-203Yonkers Nonresident Earnings Tax ReturnApprovedInd
NY Y-204Yonkers Nonresident Partner AllocationApprovedPart
NY Y-206Yonkers Nonresident Fiduciary Earnings Tax ReturnApprovedFid
OH Akron IRIncome Tax Return for Individual and Joint FilersApprovedInd
OH Canton ITRICity of Canton Income Tax Return - IndividualApprovedInd
OH CCA 120-16-IRCCA City Tax Form - Municipal Income TaxApprovedInd
OH Cincinnati ITRIndividual Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OH Columbus IR-25Income Return for Individuals more than 2 CitiesApprovedInd
OH Dayton R-ICity of Dayton - Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OH General City TaxGeneral City Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
OH General IT DecGeneral City Income Tax Declaration - VoucherApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
OH IT BUS (1040)Business Income ScheduleApprovedInd
OH IT-10Income Tax Information NoticeApprovedInd
OH IT-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OH IT-1040ESIndividual Estimated Income Tax VoucherApprovedInd
OH IT-1041Fiduciary Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedFid
OH IT-1140Pass-Through Entity and Trust W/H Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
OH IT-40PIncome Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
OH IT-40XPIncome Tax Payment Voucher for Amended ReturnsApprovedInd
OH IT-4708Composite Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
OH IT-DAAffidavit of Non-Ohio ResidencyApprovedInd
OH IT-NRCIncome Allocation and Apportionment NR CreditApprovedInd
OH IT/SD-2210Underpayment of Ohio or School District Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
OH K1 InputState K-1 Input WorksheetApprovedInd
OH RITA 37RITA Individual Municipal Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OH Sch CreditsSchedule of CreditsApprovedInd
OH Sch EBusiness Credits and Schedules E, E-1, E-2ApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
OH Sch JDependents Claimed on the IT 1040 ReturnApprovedInd
OH SD-100SD 100 School District Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OH SD-100ESSchool District Estimated Income Tax VouchersApprovedInd
OH SD-40PSchool District Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
OH SD-40XPAmended School District Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
OH TBOR-1Declaration of Tax RepresentativeApprovedMisc
OH UPCUniversal Payment CouponApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
OK 200, Sch A,B,C,DAnnual Franchise Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedCorp,S-Corp
OK 504-CApplication for Extension of Time to FileApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
OK 504-IApplication for Extension of Time to FileApprovedInd
OK 505Injured Spouse Claim and AllocationApprovedInd
OK 506Investment/New Jobs CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
OK 511Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OK 511-NOLNet Operating Loss Full Year Residents OnlyApprovedInd
OK 511-VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
OK 511CROther Credits Form (Income Tax)ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
OK 511EFIndividual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
OK 511NRNonresident / Part-Year Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
OK 511TXCredit for Tax Paid to Another StateApprovedInd
OK 511WIndividual W-2 Data SheetApprovedInd
OK 512Corporation Income and Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
OK 512-SSmall Bus Corp Income and Fran Return; 512-S-SUPApprovedS-Corp
OK 512-SANonresident Shareholder AgreementApprovedS-Corp
OK 512EReturn of Organization Exempt From Income TaxApprovedExempt
OK 513Resident Fiduciary Return of Income, K-1ApprovedFid
OK 513NR, Sch K1Nonresident Fiduciary Return of Income, Sch K-1ApprovedFid
OK 514Partnership Income Tax Return; 514-SUPApprovedPart
OK 514-PTPartnership Composite Income Tax SupplementApprovedPart
OK 514-PT-SUPSupplemental Schedule for Form 514-PTApprovedPart
OK 538-HClaim for Credit or Refund of Property TaxApprovedInd
OK 538-SClaim for Credit/Refund of Sales TaxApprovedInd
OK 561Capital Gain Deduction for Residents Filing 511ApprovedInd
OK 561NRCapital Gain Deduction - Part-Year and NonresidentApprovedInd
OK 573Farm Income AveragingApprovedInd
OK 574Resident/Nonresident AllocationApprovedInd
OK 576Natural Disaster Tax CreditApprovedInd
OK BT-129Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
OK OW-8-ESIndividual Estimated TaxApprovedInd
OK OW-8-ESCCorporate, Fiduciary and Partnership Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Part,S-Corp
OK OW-8-PUnderpayment of Estimated Tax WorksheetApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
OK OW-8-P-SUP-CAnnualized Installment Method Corporations/TrustsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
OK OW-8-P-SUP-IAnnualized Income Installment for IndividualsApprovedInd
OR 10Underpayment of Estimated Tax 150-101-031ApprovedInd
OR 150-211-156Business Change in Status FormApprovedMisc
OR 150-211-159Business Contact Change FormApprovedMisc
OR 150-800-005Tax Information Authorization/Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
OR 20Corporation Excise Tax Return 150-102-020ApprovedCorp
OR 20-INCCorporation Income Tax Return 150-102-021ApprovedCorp
OR 20-SS Corporation Tax Return 150-102-025, K-1ApprovedS-Corp
OR 20-VCorporation Tax Payment Voucher 150-102-172ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
OR 24Like-Kind Exchanges/Involuntary ConversionsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
OR 37Underpayment of Corporation Estimated TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
OR 40Income Return for Full-Year Residents 150-101-040ApprovedInd
OR 40-NIndividual Income Tax for Nonresidents 150-101-048ApprovedInd
OR 40-PIncome Return for Part-Year Residents 150-101-055ApprovedInd
OR 40-VIncome Tax Payment Voucher 150-101-172ApprovedInd
OR 41Fiduciary Income Tax Return 150-101-041ApprovedFid
OR 41-VFiduciary Tax Payment Voucher 150-101-173ApprovedFid
OR 65, Sch K1Partnership Return of Income 150-101-065/002ApprovedPart
OR 65-VPartnership Return of Income Voucher 150-101-066ApprovedPart
OR DRDDividends - Received DeductionApprovedCorp
OR EFIndividual Tax Declaration E-filing 150-101-339ApprovedInd
OR EISSch OR-EIS Exempt Income for Mem. of Indian TribeApprovedInd
OR FCGFarm Liquidation Capital Gain Tax Rate 150-101-167ApprovedInd
OR FIA-40Farm Income Averaging 150-101-160ApprovedInd
OR LTD (240)Lane County Self-Employment Tax 150-560-001ApprovedInd,Part
OR LTD-VLTD Self-Employment Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd,Part
OR Portland CCombined Tax Return for CorporationsApprovedCorp
OR Portland PCombined Tax Return for PartnershipsApprovedPart
OR Portland SCCombined Tax Return for S-CorporationsApprovedS-Corp
OR Portland SPCombined Tax Return for IndividualsApprovedInd
OR Sch APApportionment of Income 150-102-171ApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
OR Sch ASC-CORPSch OR-ASC-CORP - Adjustments for CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
OR Sch OR-529College Savings Plan Direct Deposit 150-101-068ApprovedInd
OR Sch OR-ADD-DEPPIT Return Additional DependentsApprovedInd
OR Sch OR-ASCAdjustments for Form 40 Filers 150-101-063ApprovedInd
OR Sch OR-ASC-FIDAdjustments for Form 41 FilersApprovedFid
OR Sch OR-ASC-NPAdjustments for 40N/40P Filers 150-101-064ApprovedInd
OR Sch OR-DonateCharitable Checkoff DonationsApprovedInd
OR Sch OR-WFHDCWorking Family and Dependent Credit for ResidentsApprovedInd
OR Sch P (41)Part-Year Resident Trust Computation of TaxApprovedFid
OR Sch WFHDC-NPWorking Family and Dependent Credit for PY & NRApprovedInd
OR TM (230)Tri-County Self-Employment Tax 150-555-001ApprovedInd,Part
OR TM-VTriMet Self-Employment Payment Voucher 150-555-172ApprovedInd,Part
OR TSE-APTransit Self-Employment Tax Apportionment WkstApprovedInd,Part
OR WFHDC ChecklistDue Diligence Checklist for Claiming the WFHDC Cr.ApprovedInd
OR Worksheet WFHDCWorksheet OR-WFHDC - WFHDC Credit WorksheetApprovedInd
PA 1000Property Tax or Rent Rebate ClaimApprovedInd
PA 1000 RCRent Certificate and Rental Occupancy AffidavitApprovedInd
PA 20S/65S Corporation / Partnership Information ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA 40Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
PA 40 NRCNonresident Consolidated Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA 40 NRC-IDirectory of Nonresident Owners (Individuals)ApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA 40ESDeclaration of Estimated Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind
PA 41Fiduciary Income Tax Return and Schedule OIApprovedFid
PA 41 VFiduciary Payment VoucherApprovedFid
PA 65 NRNonresident Withholding Payment VoucherApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA 8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
PA 8879-CE-File Signature Authorization for PA RCT-101ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA 8879PE-File Signature Authorization for PA 20S/PA-65ApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA CLGS-32-1Taxpayer Annual Local Earned Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
PA Corp VCorporation Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA CT-VFed/State Payment Voucher (Efile)ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA Phi BIRTPhiladelphia Business Income and Receipts TaxApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
PA Phi BIRT-EZPhiladelphia Business Income and Receipts Tax - EZApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
PA Phi NPTPhiladelphia Net Profits Tax ReturnApprovedInd,Part
PA RCT-101Corporate Net Income Tax ReportApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA RCT-101DDeclaration of de minimis ActivityApprovedCorp
PA RCT-103Net Operating Loss ScheduleApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA RCT-106Insert Sheet - Determination of ApportionmentApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA RCT-128CReport of Change in Corporate Net Income TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA REV-1630Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsApprovedInd
PA REV-1630AUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by FarmersApprovedInd
PA REV-1630FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by FiduciariesApprovedFid
PA REV-276Application for Extension of Time to FileApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
PA REV-677 LEPower of AttorneyApprovedMisc
PA REV-798 CTDividend Deduction and Schedule XApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA REV-799 CTAdjustment for Bonus Depreciation and RecaptureApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA REV-853Corporation Taxes - Annual Extension RequestApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA REV-857Estimated Tax PaymentApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA REV-934 CTSchedule of Non-Business IncomeApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA REV-986 CTClaim of Exemption From Corporate Net Income TaxApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA Sch 19Taxable Sale of a Principal ResidenceApprovedInd
PA Sch A (1000)Deceased Claimant and/or Multiple Home ProrationsApprovedInd
PA Sch A (20S/65)Interest IncomeApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch A (41)Interest Income and Gambling and Lottery WinningsApprovedFid
PA Sch A, B (40)Interest and Dividend IncomeApprovedInd
PA Sch ARExplanation for Filing Amended REV-1175ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
PA Sch B (20S/65)Dividend Income Capital Gain DistributionsApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch B (41)Dividend and Capital Gains Distributions IncomeApprovedFid
PA Sch B/D/E (1000)Eligible Property Taxes or Rent PaidApprovedInd
PA Sch C (40/41)Profit or Loss From Business or ProfessionApprovedFid,Ind
PA Sch D (20S/65)Sale, Exchange, or Disposition of PropertyApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch D (40)Sale, Exchange or Disposition of PropertyApprovedInd
PA Sch D (41)Sale, Exchange or Disposition of PropertyApprovedFid
PA Sch D-1Calculation of Installment Sale Income REV-1689 EXApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
PA Sch D-71Sale or Exchange of Property REV-1742 EXApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
PA Sch DD (41)Distribution DeductionsApprovedFid
PA Sch E (20S/65)Rent and Royalty Income (Loss)ApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch E (40/41)Rents and Royalty Income (Loss)ApprovedFid,Ind
PA Sch FFarm Income and ExpensesApprovedFid,Ind
PA Sch F/G (1000)Property Owner/RenterApprovedInd
PA Sch G-L (40)Calculation of Credit for Taxes Paid to StatesApprovedFid,Ind
PA Sch H (20S/65)Apportioned Business Income/LossApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch H-Corp 20S/65Corporate Partner Apportioned Business IncomeApprovedPart
PA Sch I (20S/65)Amortization of Intangible Drilling CostsApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch J (20S/65)Income from Estates or TrustsApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch J (41)Income from Estates or TrustsApprovedFid
PA Sch J, T (40)Income from Estates or Trusts and GamblingApprovedInd
PA Sch M (20S/65)Reconciliation of Federal Taxable Income (Loss)ApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch N (41)Source Income and Nonresident Tax WithheldApprovedFid
PA Sch NW (20S/65)Nonresident Withholding PaymentsApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch O (40)Other DeductionsApprovedInd
PA Sch OC (20S/65)Other CreditsApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch OC (40/41)Other CreditsApprovedFid,Ind
PA Sch PRefund Donations to 529 College Savings ProgramApprovedInd
PA Sch PA-40X (40)Amended Personal Income Tax ScheduleApprovedInd
PA Sch PA-41X (41)Amended Fiduciary Income Tax ScheduleApprovedFid
PA Sch RK1, NRK1Sch K-1 (20S/65/41), Directory, Sch CPApprovedFid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
PA Sch SP (40)Special Tax ForgivenessApprovedInd
PA Sch T (20S/65)Gambling and Lottery WinningsApprovedPart,S-Corp
PA Sch UE (40)Allowable Employee Business ExpensesApprovedInd
PA Sch W-2S (40)Wage Statement SummaryApprovedInd
PA V (40)PA Payment VoucherApprovedInd
RG OrganizerOrganizer FormsNot AvailableOrganizer
RG Organizer (SP)Organizer Forms (Spanish)Not AvailableOrganizer
RI 1040Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
RI 1040ESITE Resident and Nonresident Estimated PaymentApprovedInd
RI 1040HProperty Tax Relief ClaimApprovedInd
RI 1040MUCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Multiple StatesApprovedInd
RI 1040NRNonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
RI 1040NR-MUCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Multiple StatesApprovedInd
RI 1040V, 1040NRVPayment Voucher for RI 1040 or RI 1040NRApprovedInd
RI 1041Fiduciary Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedFid
RI 1041ESFiduciary Estimated Payment CouponApprovedFid
RI 1041VFiduciary Income Tax Return Payment VoucherApprovedFid
RI 1065Partnership Income ReturnApprovedPart
RI 1065VPartnership Payment Voucher for RI 1065ApprovedPart
RI 1096PTPass-Through Withholding Return and TransmittalApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
RI 1096PT-ESPass-Through Withholding Estimated Payment VoucherApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
RI 1096VPass-Through Withholding Return PaymentApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
RI 1120CBusiness Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
RI 1120ESEstimated Corporate Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
RI 1120SSubchapter S Business Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
RI 1120VCorporation Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp,S-Corp
RI 2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax-Individuals, EstatesApprovedFid,Ind
RI 2210PTUnderpayment of Estimated Tax-Pass-through FilersApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
RI 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
RI 2848Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
RI 433 ACollection Information for Wage EarnersApprovedMisc
RI 433 BCollection Information Statement for BusinessesApprovedMisc
RI 4506Request for Copy of Tax Return(s)ApprovedMisc
RI 4868Extension to File Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
RI 4868PT6 Month Extension Pass-Through Withholding ReturnApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
RI 656Offer in CompromiseApprovedMisc
RI 7004Automatic Extension RequestApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
RI 8736Extension of Time to File Fiduciary Income TaxApprovedFid
RI 9465Installment Agreement RequestApprovedMisc
RI Sch CR (1040/NR)Schedule CR (1040/NR) - Other CreditsApprovedInd
RI Sch CR (1041)Schedule CR (1041) - Other CreditsApprovedFid
RI Sch CR-PTSchedule CR-PT - Other Credits for 1065 and 1120SApprovedPart,S-Corp
RI Sch K-1Taxpayer's Share of Income, DeductionsApprovedPart,S-Corp
RI Sch M (1040/NR)Sch M (1040/NR) - Modifications to Federal AGIApprovedInd
RI Sch S (1120S)Excess Net Passive Income Tax CalculationApprovedS-Corp
RI Sch U (1040/NR)Sch U - Individual Consumer's Use Tax WorksheetApprovedInd
RI Sch W (1040/NR)Schedule W (1040/NR) - W-2 and 1099 InformationApprovedInd
RI Sch W (1041)Schedule W (1041) - W-2 and 1099 InformationApprovedFid
SC 1040Individual Income Tax Return Long Form 3075ApprovedInd
SC 1040-VIndividual Income Tax Payment Voucher 3332ApprovedInd
SC 1040ESIndividual Declaration of Estimated Tax VoucherApprovedInd
SC 1040TCTax Credits and Worksheet Credit 3913ApprovedFid,Ind,Part
SC 1040XAmended Individual Income Tax 3083ApprovedInd
SC 1041, 41, K1Fiduciary Income Tax Return, SC41, and SC1041 K-1ApprovedFid
SC 1041-VFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
SC 1041ESFiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax VoucherApprovedFid
SC 1065, K1Partnership Return, Sch SC-K and K-1 3087ApprovedPart
SC 1065-VPartnership Tax Payment VoucherApprovedPart
SC 1120C Corporation Income Tax Return 3091ApprovedCorp
SC 1120-CDPCorporation Declaration of Estimated Tax 3093ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
SC 1120-TExtension of Time to File Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
SC 1120-TCCorporate Tax Credits 3370ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
SC 1120-VCorporate Income Tax Payment Voucher 3416ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
SC 1120SS Corporation Income Tax Return 3095ApprovedS-Corp
SC 1120S K1Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions 3517ApprovedS-Corp
SC 1120S-WHWithholding Tax on Income of NR Shareholders 3312ApprovedS-Corp
SC 2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 3098ApprovedFid,Ind
SC 2220Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations 3099ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
SC 2848Power of Attorney, Declaration Representative 3307ApprovedMisc
SC 4506Request for Copy of Tax Return 3103ApprovedMisc
SC 4868Extension - Individual Income Tax Return 3506ApprovedInd
SC 4972Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions - Retirement PlansApprovedFid,Ind
SC 8453Individual Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedInd
SC 8453CCorporate Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingApprovedCorp,S-Corp
SC 8736Extension to File Return for Fiduciary/PartnershipApprovedFid,Part
SC 8857Request for Innocent Spouse Relief 3330ApprovedMisc
SC 990-TExempt Organization Business Tax Return 3315ApprovedExempt
SC C-245Application for Appeal and/or Protest 6177ApprovedMisc
SC I-319Tuition Tax Credit 3350ApprovedInd
SC I-330Contributions for Check-Offs 3384ApprovedInd
SC I-335/I-355ATrade or Business Income Reduced Rate ComputationApprovedInd
SC I-335BPass-Through Income from a Partnership or S CorpApprovedInd
SC I-360Classroom Teacher Expenses Credit 3652ApprovedInd
SC PT-100Business Personal Property Return 7002ApprovedMisc
SC Sch NR (1040)Schedule NR - Nonresident Schedule 3081ApprovedInd
SC Sch TC-32Premarital Preparation Course Credit 3429ApprovedInd
SC Sch TC-35Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit 3427ApprovedInd
Sch 8812 1040/1040AChild Tax CreditApprovedInd
Sch A (1040)Itemized DeductionsApprovedInd
Sch A (5500)Insurance InformationApproved5500
Sch A (706)Real EstateApprovedEstate
Sch A (990/990-EZ)Public Charity Status and Public SupportApprovedExempt
Sch A1 (706)Section 2032A ValuationApprovedEstate
Sch B (1040/1040A)Interest and Ordinary DividendsApprovedInd
Sch B (1120)Additional Information for Schedule M-3 FilersApprovedCorp
Sch B (706)Stocks and BondsApprovedEstate
Sch B (990/EZ/PF)Schedule of ContributorsApprovedExempt
Sch B-1 (1065)Info - Partners Owning >50% of the PartnershipApprovedPart
Sch B-1 (1120S)Info on Certain Shareholders of an S CorporationApprovedS-Corp
Sch C (1040)Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Prop.)ApprovedFid,Ind
Sch C (1065)Additional Information for Schedule M-3 FilersApprovedPart
Sch C (5500)Service Provider InformationApproved5500
Sch C (706)Mortgages, Notes and CashApprovedEstate
Sch C (990/990EZ)Political Campaign and Lobbying ActivitiesApprovedExempt
Sch C-EZ (1040)Net Profit from Business (Sole Prop.)ApprovedInd
Sch D (1040)Capital Gains and LossesApprovedInd
Sch D (1041)Capital Gains and LossesApprovedExempt,Fid
Sch D (1065)Capital Gains and LossesApprovedPart
Sch D (1120)Capital Gains and LossesApprovedCorp,Exempt
Sch D (1120S)Capital Gains and Losses and Built-In GainsApprovedS-Corp
Sch D (5500)DFE / Participating Plan InformationApproved5500
Sch D (706)Insurance on the Decedent's LifeApprovedEstate
Sch D (990)Supplemental Financial StatementsApprovedExempt
Sch E (1040) Page 1Supplemental Income and Loss Page 1ApprovedFid,Ind
Sch E (1040) Page 2Supplemental Income and Loss Page 2ApprovedFid,Ind
Sch E (706)Jointly Owned PropertyApprovedEstate
Sch E (990/990EZ)SchoolsApprovedExempt
Sch EIC (1040/1040A)Earned Income Credit - Child InformationApprovedInd
Sch F (1040)Profit or Loss from FarmingApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
Sch F (706)Other Miscellaneous Property Not Reportable OtherApprovedEstate
Sch F (990)Statement of Activities Outside the USApprovedExempt
Sch G (1120)Information on Persons Owning Voting StockApprovedCorp
Sch G (5500)Financial Transaction SchedulesApproved5500
Sch G (990/990EZ)Supplemental Fundraising or Gaming ActivitiesApprovedExempt
Sch GH (706)Transfers During Decedent Life and Powers of ApptApprovedEstate
Sch H (1040)Household Employment TaxesApprovedFid,Ind
Sch H (1120)Section 280H Limitations for a PSCApprovedCorp,Misc
Sch H (1120-F)Deductions Allocated To Connected IncomeApprovedMisc
Sch H (5500)Financial InformationApproved5500
Sch H (990)HospitalsApprovedExempt
Sch I (1118)Reduction of Foreign Oil/Gas TaxesApprovedCorp,Exempt
Sch I (1120-F)Interest Expense Allocation Under Section 1.882-5ApprovedMisc
Sch I (5500)Financial Information--Small PlanApproved5500
Sch I (706)AnnuitiesApprovedEstate
Sch I (990)Grants and Other Assistance to OrganizationsApprovedExempt
Sch J (1040)Income Averaging for Farmers and FishermenApprovedInd
Sch J (1041)Accumulation Distribution - Certain Complex TrustApprovedFid
Sch J (1118)Adjustments to Separate Limitation CategoriesApprovedCorp,Exempt
Sch J (706)Funeral ExpensesApprovedEstate
Sch J (990)Compensation InformationApprovedExempt
Sch K (706)Debts of the Decedent, Mortgages and LiensApprovedEstate
Sch K (990)Supplemental Information on Tax-Exempt BondsApprovedExempt
Sch K1 (1041)K-1 (1041) Beneficiary's Share of IncomeApprovedFid
Sch K1 (1065)K-1 (1065) Partner's Share of Income, DeductionsApprovedPart
Sch K1 (1120S)K-1 Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Cr.ApprovedS-Corp
Sch L (706)Net Losses and Expenses Incurred in AdministeringApprovedEstate
Sch L (990/990EZ)Transactions with Interested PersonsApprovedExempt
Sch M (706)Bequests, etc. to Surviving SpouseApprovedEstate
Sch M (990)Noncash ContributionsApprovedExempt
Sch M-3 (1065)Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for PartnershipsApprovedPart
Sch M-3 (1120)Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for CorporationsApprovedCorp
Sch M-3 (1120-F)Net Income (Loss) Recon for Foreign CorporationsApprovedMisc
Sch M-3 (1120S)Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for S CorpsApprovedS-Corp
Sch MB (5500)Multiemployer Defined Benefit PlanApproved5500
Sch N (1120)Foreign Operations of U.S. CorporationsApprovedCorp,S-Corp
Sch N 990/990EZLiquidation, Term, Dissolution of AssetsApprovedExempt
Sch O (1120)Consent and Apportionment for a Controlled GroupApprovedCorp,Misc
Sch O (706)Charitable, Public, Similar Gifts and BequestApprovedEstate
Sch O (990/990EZ)Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZApprovedExempt
Sch P (1120-F)List of Foreign Partner Interests in PartnershipsApprovedMisc
Sch PC (706)Protective Claim for RefundApprovedEstate
Sch PH (1120)U.S. Personal Holding Company (PHC) TaxApprovedCorp
Sch PQ (706)Credit for Foreign Death Taxes; Cr. Prior TransferApprovedEstate
Sch R (1040/1040A)Credit for the Elderly or the DisabledApprovedInd
Sch R (5500)Retirement Plan InformationApproved5500
Sch R (706)Generation-Skipping Transfer TaxApprovedEstate
Sch R (990)Related Organizations and Unrelated PartnershipsApprovedExempt
Sch R1 (706)GST, Direct Skips From TrustApprovedEstate
Sch SB (5500)Single-Employer Defined Benefit Plan ActuarialApproved5500
Sch SE (1040)Self-Employment TaxApprovedInd
Sch U (706)Qualified Conservation Easement ExclusionApprovedEstate
Sch UTP (1120)Uncertain Tax Position StatementApprovedCorp
SS-4Application for Employer Identification NumberApprovedMisc
SS-8Determination of Worker StatusApprovedMisc
T (Timber)Forest Activities ScheduleApprovedMisc
TN BUS-415County Business Tax Return RV-R0012301ApprovedMisc
TN BUS-416Municipal Business Tax Return RV-R0012301ApprovedMisc
TN BUS-417Business Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
TN FAE-170Franchise, Excise Tax Return RV-R0011001ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TN FAE-172Quarterly Franchise, Excise Tax DeclarationApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TN FAE-173Extension of Time to File Franchise, Excise ReturnApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TN INC-250Individual Income Tax Return RV-R0003501ApprovedFid,Ind,Part
TN INC-251Ext of Filing Time/ Prepayment Ind Income TaxApprovedFid,Ind,Part
TN RV-F0102401Claim for RefundApprovedMisc
TN RV-F0103801Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
TN Sch BPayment to Subcontractor Worksheet (BUS-415/416)ApprovedMisc
TN Sch XJobs Credit Computation, Job Tax Credit CarryoverApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-102Franchise Tax Public Information ReportApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-158Franchise Tax Report (05-158-A, 05-158-B)ApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-160Franchise Tax Credits Summary ScheduleApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-163Franchise Tax No Tax Due ReportApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-164Franchise Tax Extension RequestApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-165Franchise Tax Extension Affiliate ListApprovedCorp,Fid,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-166Franchise Tax Affiliate ScheduleApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-167Franchise Tax Report Ownership Information ReportApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-169Franchise Tax EZ Computation ReportApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-170Franchise Tax Payment FormApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-175Franchise Tax Tiered Partnership ReportApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-177Franchise Tax Common Owner Information ReportApprovedCorp,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 05-178Research and Development Activities CreditsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
TX 50-144Business Personal Property Rendition and SchedulesApprovedMisc
UT Sch A (TC-20)Net Taxable Income and Tax CalculationApprovedCorp
UT Sch A (TC-20MC)Tax CalculationApprovedExempt
UT Sch A (TC-65)Taxable Income for Pass-through Entity TaxpayersApprovedPart
UT Sch AE (TC-20S)Taxable Income and PrepaymentsApprovedS-Corp
UT Sch B, E TC-20MCRefundable Credits and Prepayments of Any TypeApprovedExempt
UT Sch BCDE (TC-20)Unadjusted Income, Contributions, and PrepaymentsApprovedCorp
UT Sch C (TC-41)Bankruptcy Estate ScheduleApprovedFid
UT Sch HState/Non-State Nonbusiness Income Net of ExpensesApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
UT Sch JApportionment Schedule (TC20,TC20S,TC20MC,TC65)ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
UT Sch K, K-1, M, N(TC-20S) Shareholders K-1, QSSS, W/H TaxApprovedS-Corp
UT Sch K, K-1, N(TC-65) Partners K-1, W/H TaxApprovedPart
UT Sch M (TC-20)Corporations Included in Combined FilingApprovedCorp
UT Sch S (TC-41)Credit for Fiduciary Tax Paid to Another StateApprovedFid
UT TC-131Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
UT TC-20Corporation Franchise and Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
UT TC-20MCTax Return for Miscellaneous CorporationsApprovedExempt
UT TC-20SS Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedS-Corp
UT TC-40Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
UT TC-40A, B, C, SSupplement, NR/PY, Retirement and Tax Paid CreditsApprovedInd
UT TC-40WWithholding Tax and Mineral Production TaxApprovedInd
UT TC-41Fiduciary Income Tax Return, Schs, TC-41WApprovedFid
UT TC-546 (Est.)Individual Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (Estimate)Approval PendingInd
UT TC-547Individual Income Tax Return Payment CouponApproval PendingInd
UT TC-548 (Est.)Fiduciary Income Tax Prepayment Coupon (Estimate)ApprovedFid
UT TC-549Fiduciary Income Tax Return Payment CouponApprovedFid
UT TC-559 (Est)Corporate/Partnership Payment Coupon (Estimated)ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
UT TC-65Partnership, LLP and LLC ReturnApprovedPart
UT TC-804Individual Income Tax Payment Agreement RequestApprovedInd
UT TC-831Request to Elect-out of Electronic FilingApprovedInd
UT TC-880Request for Tax RecordsApprovedMisc
VA 200Litter Tax ReturnApprovedMisc
VA 500Corporation Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
VA 500CUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp
VA 500CP/CGCorporate Income Tax Automatic Extension VoucherApprovedCorp
VA 500ESEstimated Tax Declaration for CorporationsApprovedCorp
VA 500NOLDCorporation Appl for Refund Carryback of NOLApprovedCorp
VA 500VCorporation Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
VA 502Pass-Through Entity Return of Income and NR W/HApprovedPart,S-Corp
VA 502VPass-Through Entity Tax Payment VoucherApprovedPart,S-Corp
VA 760-PFFPayment Coupon for Farmer/Fish and Merchant SeamenApprovedInd
VA 760-PMTPayment Coupon for Previously Filed Tax ReturnApprovedInd
VA 760/IP/CGAutomatic Extension Payment Voucher for IndividualApprovedInd
VA 760CUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by Ind/ Estate/TrustApprovedFid,Ind
VA 760CGIndividual Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
VA 760ESEstimated Income Tax Payment Voucher for IndApprovedInd
VA 760FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax Farmer/Fisher/SeamenApprovedFid,Ind
VA 760PYPart-Year Resident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
VA 763Nonresident Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
VA 763-SSpecial Nonresident Claim for Individual IT W/HApprovedInd
VA 765, Sch LUnified Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
VA 770, Sch VK-1Fiduciary Income Tax Return, Schedules 1-5, VK-1ApprovedFid
VA 770-PMTFiduciary Income Tax Payment CouponApprovedFid
VA 770/IP/CGFiduciary/Unified NR Automatic Extension PaymentApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
VA 770ESEstimated Payment Voucher for Estates and TrustsApprovedFid
VA 8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for E-FilingApprovedInd
VA 8879CCorporation Tax e-file Signature AuthorizationApprovedCorp
VA 8879PPass-Through Entity e-file Signature AuthorizationApprovedPart,S-Corp
VA FID Waiver EFFiduciary Income Tax E-file Waiver RequestApprovedFid
VA PAR 101Power of Attorney / Declaration of RepresentativeApprovedMisc
VA Sch 500A (500)Multistate Corporation Allocation / ApportionmentApprovedCorp
VA Sch 500AB (500)Related Entity Add Backs and ExceptionsApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
VA Sch 500ADJ (500)Corp Schedule of AdjustmentsApprovedCorp
VA Sch 500CR (500)Schedule 500CR Credit Computation ScheduleApprovedCorp
VA Sch 500FED (500)Schedule of Federal Line ItemsApprovedCorp
VA Sch 502A (502)Multistate Allocation and Apportionment of IncomeApprovedPart,S-Corp
VA Sch 502ADJ (502)Pass-Through Entity Schedule of AdjustmentsApprovedPart,S-Corp
VA Sch 760PY ADJAdjustments to Adjusted Gross IncomeApprovedInd
VA Sch 763 ADJAdjustments to Adjusted Gross Income (NR)ApprovedInd
VA Sch ADJ/CG (760)Additions to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeApprovedInd
VA Sch CRSchedule CR Credit Computation ScheduleApprovedInd
VA Sch FED (760)Federal Schedule InformationApprovedInd
VA Sch INC/CGW2, 1099s and VK-1 with VA WithholdingApprovedInd
VA Sch Income 760PYSchedule of Income for VA 760PYApprovedInd
VA Sch OSC/CGCredit for Tax Paid to Another StateApprovedInd
VA Sch VAC, VACSContributions Schedule and SupplementApprovedInd
VA Sch VK-1 (502)Owner's Share of Income / VK-1 ConsolidatedApprovedPart,S-Corp
VT 161 E-File InfoFiduciary Electronic Filing InformationApprovedFid
VT 8879-VTIndividual Income Tax Declaration for E-FilingApprovedInd
VT 8879-VT-CCorporate/Business Income Tax Declaration E-FilingApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
VT 8879-VT-FFiduciary Income Tax Declaration for E-FilingApprovedFid
VT BA-402Apportionment and Allocation ScheduleApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
VT BA-403Extension of Time to File Business Income ReturnsApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
VT BA-404Tax Credits Earned, Applied, and Carried ForwardApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
VT BI-471Business Income Tax ReturnApprovedPart,S-Corp
VT BI-472Non-Composite ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
VT BI-473Composite ScheduleApprovedPart,S-Corp
VT BI-476Business Income Tax Return For Resident OnlyApprovedPart,S-Corp
VT CO-411Corporate Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
VT CO-414Corporate Estimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
VT FIT-160Fiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedFid
VT FIT-161,Sch K1-FFiduciary Return of IncomeApprovedFid
VT HI-144Household IncomeApprovedInd
VT HS-122Homestead Declaration/Property Tax Adjust ClaimApprovedInd
VT IN-111Income Tax ReturnApprovedInd
VT IN-112Tax Adjustments and CreditsApprovedInd
VT IN-113Income Adjustment CalculationsApprovedInd
VT IN-114Individual Income Estimated Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
VT IN-116Income Tax Payment VoucherApprovedInd
VT IN-117Credit for Income Taxes Paid to Other StatesApprovedInd
VT IN-119Economic Incentive Income Tax CreditsApprovedInd
VT IN-151Extension of Time to File Individual Tax ReturnApprovedInd
VT IN-152, 152AUnderpayment of Estimated Individual Income TaxApprovedInd
VT IN-153Capital Gain Exclusion CalculationApprovedInd
VT IN-155Federal Itemized Deductions AddbackApprovedInd
VT PR-141Renter Rebate ClaimApprovedInd
VT Sch BA-410Corporate Income Tax Affiliation ScheduleApprovedCorp
VT Sch FIT-162 (161)Capital Gains Exclusion for Estates or TrustApprovedFid
VT Sch K1VT, BA-406K-1 Shareholder/Partner/Member Info and BA-406ApprovedCorp,Part,S-Corp
VT WH-435Estimated Income Tax Payments for NonresidentApprovedPart,S-Corp
W-12W-12 IRS Paid Preparer Tax ID Number ApplicationApprovedMisc
W2W-2 Wage and Tax StatementApprovedInd
W4W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance CertificateApprovedInd
W4(SP)Exencion de Retenciones del EmpleadoApprovedInd
W7 (09/16)W-7 Application for IRS Individual ID NumberApprovedInd
W7SP (09/16)W-7SP Solicitud Numero IdentificacionApprovedInd
W9W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID Number/CertificationApprovedMisc
WI 1Income Tax Return I-010ApprovedInd
WI 1-ESEstimated Income Tax Voucher D-101ApprovedFid,Ind
WI 1-ES (Ext.)Estimated Income Tax Voucher (Extension) D-101ApprovedFid,Ind
WI 1NPRNonresident/Part-Year Income Tax Return I-050ApprovedInd
WI 2Fiduciary Income Tax for Estates or TrustsApprovedFid
WI 3Partnership Return and Schedules 3K IP-030ApprovedPart
WI 4Non-Combined Corporation Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
WI 4BLNet Business Loss Carryforward - Separate EntityApprovedCorp
WI 4HCorporation Declaration of Inactivity IC-046ApprovedCorp
WI 4TExempt Organization Business Franchise Tax ReturnApprovedExempt
WI 5EElection by S Corp Not Treated as Tax-Option CorpApprovedMisc
WI 5RRevocation of Election by S Corp Not Be Tax-OptionApprovedMisc
WI 5STax-Option (S) Corporation Franchise or IT ReturnApprovedS-Corp
WI A-1Apportionment Data for Single Factor IC-043ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI A-212Petition for Compromise of Taxes-Inability to PayApprovedMisc
WI A-222Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
WI A-771Request a Payment PlanApprovedMisc
WI CAllocation and Separate Accounting Data IC-044ApprovedCorp
WI C-EPV (4, 5S, 6)Corporation Electronic Payment Voucher DC-105ApprovedCorp,S-Corp
WI Corp-ESCorporation Estimated Tax Voucher DC-045ApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
WI EIC-AEarned Income Credit - Up to 3 Qualifying ChildrenApprovedInd
WI EPVElectronic Payment Voucher D-102ApprovedFid,Ind
WI I-017Rent Certificate I-017ApprovedInd
WI I-018Property Tax Bill / Sale of Home InformationApprovedInd
WI I-151Legal Residence (Domicile) Questionnaire I-151ApprovedInd
WI I-804Claim for Decedent's Income Tax RefundApprovedInd
WI NNonapportionable, Sep. Accounted/ Apportioned Inc.ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Part,S-Corp
WI P-521Request for Copies of Tax ReturnsApprovedMisc
WI P-706Taxpayer Information Change RequestApprovedMisc
WI Sch 2440W (1)Schedule 2440W - Disability Income ExclusionApprovedInd
WI Sch 2K1 (2)Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, etc.ApprovedFid
WI Sch 2M (2)Additions to and Subtractions from IncomeApprovedFid
WI Sch 3K1 (3)Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, CreditsApprovedPart
WI Sch 4VSchedule 4V - Additions to Federal IncomeApprovedCorp
WI Sch 4WSchedule 4W - Subtractions from Federal IncomeApprovedCorp
WI Sch 4YSchedule 4Y - Subtraction Modification - DividendsApprovedCorp
WI Sch 5K1 (5)Tax-Option S Corp Shareholder Share Income/CreditsApprovedS-Corp
WI Sch ARSchedule AR - Explanation of Amended ReturnApprovedInd
WI Sch BDSchedule BD - Business Development CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch CCRequest for a Closing Certificate for FiduciariesApprovedFid
WI Sch CFSchedule CF - Carryforward of Unused CreditsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind
WI Sch CR (1,2,4)Schedule CR - Other Credits I-048ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind
WI Sch CSSchedule CS - College Savings AccountsApprovedInd
WI Sch DCSchedule DC - Development Zones CreditsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch DESchedule DE - Disregarded Entity ScheduleApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch ECSchedule EC - Enterprise Zone Jobs CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch EDSchedule ED - Economic Development Tax CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch FCSchedule FC - Farmland Preservation CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind
WI Sch FC-ASchedule FC-A - Farmland Preservation CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind
WI Sch H (1,1NPR)Schedule H - Homestead Credit ClaimApprovedInd
WI Sch HRSchedule HR - Historic Rehabilitation CreditsApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch I (1,1NPR)Schedule I - Adjustments to Convert Federal AGIApprovedInd
WI Sch JTSchedule JT - Jobs Tax CreditApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch M (1NPR)Schedule M - Additions/Subtractions - IncomeApprovedInd
WI Sch MA-ASchedule MA-A - Agricultural CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch MA-MSchedule MA-M - Manufacturing CreditApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch MSManufacturers Sales Tax Credit CarryforwardApprovedCorp,S-Corp
WI Sch MT (1,1NPR,2)Schedule MT - Alternative Minimum Tax I-029ApprovedFid,Ind
WI Sch NR (2)Computation Taxable Income PY/NR Estate and TrustApprovedFid
WI Sch OS (1,1NPR,2)Credit for Net Tax Paid to Another State I-023ApprovedFid,Ind
WI Sch PS (1, 1NPR)Schedule PS - Private School TuitionApprovedInd
WI Sch RSchedule R - Research CreditsApprovedCorp,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch U (1,1NPR,2)Schedule U - Underpayment of Estimated TaxApprovedFid,Ind
WI Sch VCSchedule VC - Venture Capital Credits IC-039ApprovedCorp,Exempt,Fid,Ind,Part,S-Corp
WI Sch WD (1,1NPR)Schedule WD (1,1NPR) - Capital Gains and LossesApprovedInd
WI Sch WD (2)Schedule WD (Form 2) - Capital Gains and LossesApprovedExempt,Fid
WI UUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by CorporationsApprovedCorp,Exempt,S-Corp
WI W-RARequired Attachments for Electronic Filing I-041iApprovedInd
WV 100VS Corp and Partnership Electronic Payment VoucherApprovedPart,S-Corp
WV 120VIncome/Franchise Tax Electronic Payment VoucherApprovedCorp
WV 2848Authorization of Power of AttorneyApprovedMisc
WV 8379Injured Spouse AllocationApprovedInd
WV 8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for E-FilingApprovedInd
WV CD-512-Month PIT Installment Agreement Request FormApprovedMisc
WV CNF-120Corporation Net IncomeApprovedCorp
WV CNF-120APTAllocation and Apportionment for MultistateApprovedCorp
WV CNF-120ESEstimated Corporate Net Income Tax PaymentApprovedCorp
WV CNF-120EXTExtension Corporation Net Income Tax ReturnApprovedCorp
WV CNF-120TCSummary of Corporation Net Income Tax CreditsApprovedCorp
WV CNF-120UUnderpayment of Estimated Tax PenaltyApprovedCorp
WV CNF-120WWithholding - Credit Sch. Corporation Net ITApprovedCorp
WV FTC-1Family Tax Credit ScheduleApprovedInd
WV HEPTC-1Homestead Excess Property Tax CreditApprovedInd
WV IT-140 ESIndividual Estimated Income Tax PaymentApprovedInd
WV IT-140, Sch M, DPResident Income Tax Return; Sch M; Sch DPApprovedInd
WV IT-140NRCNonresident Composite Income Tax ReturnApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
WV IT-140VIndividual Income Tax Electronic Payment VoucherApprovedInd
WV IT-140WWithholding Tax ScheduleApprovedInd
WV IT-141Fiduciary Income Tax Return and SchedulesApprovedFid
WV IT-141EXTExtension of Time to File Fiduciary ReturnsApprovedFid
WV IT-141WWithholding Tax ScheduleApprovedFid
WV IT-210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsApprovedInd
WV NRW-2Tax Withheld for Nonresident or OrganizationApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
WV NRW-4Nonresident Income Tax AgreementApprovedFid,Part,S-Corp
WV RecapTax Credit Recap ScheduleApprovedInd
WV Sch A (IT-140)Schedule A Schedule of IncomeApprovedInd
WV Sch F (IT-140)Claimant to Refund Due Deceased TaxpayerApprovedInd
WV Sch H, E (IT-140)Disability Certification and Credit for Tax PaidApprovedFid,Ind
WV Sch L (IT-140)Application for Extension of Time to FileApprovedInd
WV Sch UT (IT-140)Schedule UT - Purchaser's Use Tax ScheduleApprovedInd
WV SCTC-1Senior Citizens Tax Credit for Property Tax PaidApprovedInd
WV SPF-100Income Tax Return S Corporation/Partnership (PTE)ApprovedPart,S-Corp
WV SPF-100APTAllocation and Apportionment for Multistate Bus.ApprovedPart,S-Corp
WV SPF-100ESEstimated IT Payment - S Corporations/PartnershipsApprovedPart,S-Corp
WV SPF-100EXTExtension of Time to File Information ReturnsApprovedPart,S-Corp
WV SPF-100WWithholding-Credit Schedule Pass-Through EntityApprovedPart,S-Corp
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